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18 New Construction Business Ideas

If you approach the business competently, then the construction industry is a very profitable industry: housing is always in price, and the repair of this housing, one way or another, is inevitable.

In this post, you can get acquainted with unique, original, and most importantly, real business ideas in the field of construction.

The construction business ideas presented here will also help to improve the profitability of your enterprise, regardless of its size, to open new directions, and, with due enthusiasm and skills, you can open your own business.

The business ideas of this industry include construction from innovative, waste, other materials, high-speed construction of buildings and structures with minimal costs, as well as business ideas that require little investment in starting and developing your business.

The construction also includes capital and current repairs of buildings and structures, their reconstruction, restoration, and renovation, as well as technical re-equipment.

The process of this business usually includes organizational, survey, design, construction, installation and commissioning works related to the creation, modification or demolition of an object, as well as interaction with licensing and supervisory authorities regarding the production of such works.

In any settlement of the world, there is always and will be a need for the construction of facilities for various purposes. And they eventually deteriorate and require repair.

This means that without construction and finishing materials in our life we cannot do. Hence the conclusion – the sale of such goods in demand and profitable business.

Construction Business ideas

Below we have prepared for you a selection of 18 construction business ideas for mini-production, which can be implemented in both small and large cities, some can be opened even at home!

1.      Production of Colored Gravel

The essence of this business idea is as follows: you buy ordinary gravel, repaint it, pack it in small bags and find outlets for finished products.

Colored rubble is very widely used in landscape design. It represents small pieces of marble or granite painted in different colors.

The paint has unique properties, due to which the color does not change over time.

Such a construction business can be started with a minimal set of tools, but several workers will have to be hired. It can be people without any formal education, which can reduce costs.

To implement a business idea, it is necessary to officially register your activities and find a room for drying the material.

After that, purchase granite or marble gravel, acrylic dye and the necessary set of tools and equipment (concrete mixer, screen). Next, you can look for points of sale of finished products.

2.      Wild Stone Tile Production Shop

The essence of this business idea is as follows: you find sandstone deposits, arrange its production, transport it to the workshop.

After that, it remains to process the wild stone and find a buyer, or a point of sale of finished products.

Tiles made from wild stone have always been distinguished by high strength and wear resistance. Thanks to this, most people prefer such a finishing material.

Before you start implementing this business idea, you need to find sandstone deposits.

If the field is close to the workshop, then you can register as an individual entrepreneur and purchase the necessary tools and equipment.

After that, it remains to organize an advertising company and find buyers.

The income from such a business can be high if you can manage all the production processes. There are always buyers for quality goods, so the money invested will be returned within a few months.

3.      Production of Tombstones

The basis of this commercial construction business is the opening of an enterprise for the production of tombstones and related paraphernalia made of artificial stone, concrete or other materials.

This service is always in demand but differs in a large degree of competition in the market for the provision of such funeral services.

You can arrange such a business in a small room, such as a garage, or settle out of town near burial sites. This will help reduce rental costs and lower costs.

Additional costs to get started:

  • purchase of special equipment and tools for work and installation;
  • acquisition of molds for pouring mixtures;
  • purchase of a machine for complex engraving;
  • solving problems with the delivery of the finished monument to the installation site.

4.      Penoizol Production Workshop

The essence of the business project is the organization of the production process, which involves the manufacture of penoizol, its implementation to consumers, wholesale buyers.

The new building material is steadily gaining popularity due to its high heat-conducting and insulating qualities.

Given the low cost of penoizol, the constant demand for it from the builders of various facilities, such a workshop will quickly pay for itself and become a good means of investing in the coming years.

To open a penoizol construction business you will need:

  • small production room;
  • special equipment;
  • raw materials for production;
  • car for transport services.

Penoizol can be sold through wholesale intermediaries, at retail, or by signing a contract with construction hypermarkets.

Simple technology allows you to deliver equipment directly to the client at the construction site and work on any territory.

With the low cost of penoizol and a trade margin of 70-80%, you can fully reach the threshold of self-sufficiency six months after the start of work. This material is most relevant in the warm season.

5.      Production of Cinder Block

The essence of this business idea is the organization of the production process for the production of cinder block for sale for construction purposes.

This material is widely used in the construction of residential buildings, industrial facilities, walling and outbuildings.

The location of such a workshop near major cities or transport hubs will allow you to reach permanent orders from wholesale buyers, construction crews, and developers.

For the implementation of a small enough team of 3-4 workers, premises with convenient access roads. The main costs are for such items:

  • rent of industrial premises, warehouse;
  • purchase of necessary equipment for production;
  • purchase of raw materials;
  • salary expenses.

6.      Production of Expanded Clay Blocks

The essence of this business idea is the opening of a production plant for the production of expanded clay blocks, its implementation to contractors, consumers.

The modern and easy type of building material is popular in the arrangement of residential premises and buildings, the erection of farm buildings.

The relevance is due to stable demand in the offseason, a high degree of profitability.

To implement the production process, it is necessary to find a large utility room with good transport interchange, a warehouse for finished products. Most of the financial costs:

  • purchase of special equipment for production (concrete mixers, vibrating tables);
  • renting a platform for drying blocks;
  • utilities for the maintenance of the workshop.
  • Additional costs – payment of transport for the delivery of raw materials, wages to employees of the workshop and warehouse.

7.      Production of Gas and Foam Concrete

The essence of the business idea is the equipment of a mini-factory for the production of gas or foam concrete with subsequent sale to construction organizations.

New types of material successfully supersede conventional concrete due to its practicality and low price. It is increasingly used for the construction of buildings for any purpose.

The relevance of the project is due to the constant demand for gas and foam concrete, a simple process of its production.

To open such a mini-production, the future owner must:

  • pick up a production room with a warehouse and convenient transportation routes;
  • purchase equipment for the manufacture of products;
  • train employees;
  • purchase raw materials from suppliers.

8.      Production of Polystyrene Concrete

The basis is the opening of production capacities for the production of polystyrene concrete for subsequent sale to consumers.

New building material is being actively introduced in the construction of various buildings and premises.

Due to its high thermal conductivity and versatility, polystyrene concrete is increasingly replacing ordinary stone and showing growth in terms of sales.

The market is just beginning to develop, so competition among manufacturers is small.

To organize the production process, the entrepreneur needs to analyze the market for sales and solve issues:

  • procurement of necessary raw materials and components for production;
  • purchase equipment and special forms;
  • train technology staff.

9.      Production of Artificial Marble

The essence of the business idea is the opening of a small production workshop for the manufacture of artificial marble of different colors.

This type of decoration material is in high demand among companies that are engaged in decorating rooms, manufacturing kitchen sets or original piece products.

The relevance of the business is due to the low cost and ease of manufacturing of artificial stone.

It is better to organize the production process on a specially rented area. It should have connected communications and convenient access roads for shipment of finished material.

For the full production cycle, a minimum number of personnel, special equipment and equipment for grinding are required.

10.      Production of Neon Signs

Such production will be relevant in the context of the constant development of the sphere of trade and entertainment in a big city.

Despite the stable demand, competition in this type of advertising business is quite small.

Opening a company will require a small non-residential premises, purchase or leasing of a mini-factory for the production of neon products. In addition to this cost will require:

  • purchase of components for production;
  • the cost of training glassblowers;
  • salaries of customer service managers;
  • office space maintenance.

11.  Fabrication of Metal Doors

The essence of the idea is the opening of a production workshop for the manufacture of metal doors of various models and types, their subsequent implementation and installation at the request of the customer.

The competition in the sector is quite high, but there is always a demand for inexpensive and high-quality products in the middle price range.

Offering an excellent balance of quality, comprehensive service and affordable cost, you can implement a profitable project.

To open a workshop with a small area and capacity, you will need a room away from the center, but with good transport interchange. In addition, an initial purchase is required:

  • equipment for production;
  • tools for the installation team;
  • material and components.

12.  Mirror Manufacturing

The manufacture of mirrors is a new type of project for small businesses that is gaining momentum.

Interest in such a product is constantly shown by companies engaged in the manufacture of modern furniture, interesting renovations of premises and design of offices.

Demand leads to the production of decorative mirrors, special tiles with a similar effect.

The manufacturing process at first glance seems complicated, but will require a small list of costs, among which stand out:

  • rental of premises for the workshop;
  • purchase of special furniture, cutting tables;
  • acquisition of an initial set of materials and reagents;
  • the cost of transporting products to the customer.

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13.  Production of Euro-Fence

The essence of the project is the production of various models of a modern eurofence on the basis of an equipped production hall.

The greatest demand for such construction products is among the owners of private buildings or country houses, residents of summer cottages.

A large assortment and affordable price for eurofences makes this product popular, and its production is profitable.

To organize the enterprise at the initial stage, you will need:

  • a small workshop with summed up communications;
  • purchase or leasing of special production equipment;
  • staff training in production skills;
  • source materials and tools.

14.  Production of Metal-Plastic Windows

The basis of the new project is the business idea of ​​equipping a fully equipped workshop for the production of door and window blocks made of metal-plastic, their installation at the request of the customer.

This type of product is in fairly stable demand in cities of any type, confidently displacing wooden structures. Despite the competition, you can reliably gain a foothold in the market by offering quality products.

Opening a new enterprise requires certain investments that will be spent on such expense items as:

  • rental of premises for production;
  • office maintenance for receiving orders;
  • purchase of a standard set of tools and equipment for the production workshop and installation works;
  • training workers in manufacturing window blocks;
  • advertising and website creation.

In large and densely populated cities, the average rate of return can show 150-300%. It is possible to win against the background of competitors by providing discounts on the installation, repair or warranty service of window units.

Laminated wood frame frames and custom shapes are gaining popularity.

The peculiarity of the business is a sharp decline in demand in the cold season, which must be taken into account when distributing profits and investments.

15.  Metal Roofing Production

The main essence of this business project is the opening of a technologically equipped enterprise for the production of modern metal tiles.

A new type of building material is in demand in the construction of low-rise buildings.

Its practicality and ease of use can give rise to interest and occupation in the market of roofing materials niches with a volume of 40% for several years.

The main amount must be invested in an expensive automated line, which can produce an almost complete cycle under the control of one operator.

Modern installations do not require a large number of technical personnel for maintenance and quickly pay off. In addition, it is necessary:

  • to rent a room of sufficient size for production and warehouses for finished tiles (transport interchange matters);
  • determine the types of products;
  • advertise among wholesale buyers, construction companies;
  • solve the issue of supplying quality raw materials.

When fully loaded, the equipment can produce up to 7 meters of quality products in just a minute of work.

With estimated project profitability of 30–40%, one can count on a full payback in two construction seasons.

16.  Production of Vinyl Siding

The basis of the new business project is the opening of an equipped enterprise for the production of color siding from polyvinyl chloride and its implementation to wholesale customers.

Practical and versatile building materials are increasingly used in the decoration and insulation of private cottages and industrial premises.

The market shows stable small growth for various types of vinyl siding up to 7% annually and moderate competition.

Production of vinyl siding is possible with the arrangement of a full technical line.

It has a high cost, so experienced entrepreneurs recommend that newcomers pay attention to long-term rental or used models. Additional costs will require:

  • rent a large room to accommodate facilities and a warehouse;
  • training and salaries for employees;
  • rent or purchase of loading equipment;
  • advertising and siding sales search.

Given the large amounts of initial costs and the cost of resources, the owner should not expect to overcome the payback threshold earlier than after a year of permanent work.

Sales may fall significantly in the winter season, but increase sharply in the spring. This should be calculated for capacity utilization and cost allocation.

17.  Forged Product Manufacturing

The basis of this production idea is the opening of a fully equipped workshop for the production of standard and exclusive products by order of customers.

Unique types of wrought-iron gates, fence sections or window grills are increasingly adorning private housing construction.

The demand for hand-forged furniture frames, interesting products with which designers complement the interiors of premises is growing.

There is little competition for such non-standard things, but the demand in cities with millionaires is high, so there is room for development for young enterprises.

In preparation for the opening of a new production, it is necessary:

  • rent a comfortable room for forging with proper ventilation;
  • purchase a full set of specialized equipment and tools;
  • equip an office to work with clients;
  • launch a website or online store to familiarize yourself with the assortment.

18.  Production of Figures for a Garden Plot

This creative business project is the organization of an enterprise or workshop for the production of original decorations for garden plaster, concrete or plastic.

Many homeowners of private cottages or country houses want to equip their plots with individuality in an original style.

Someone wants to transform the patio of his office building. Figurines of fairy-tale characters and animals, vases, fountains and flower stands are in demand.

To open such a workshop, the owner will need:

  • rent a small room for work and storage of finished figures;
  • purchase the necessary set of tools and equipment;
  • to purchase dry mixes and special paints for first orders;
  • organize original advertising through the Internet or exhibitions.

We hope that you would have our list of 18 construction business ideas informative! If you have any unique construction business idea you can drop it down in the comment section. Do check our other free resources!

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