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Enhancing wind turbine efficiency.

Reliable, renewable, and clean energy is the need of the time!

So, the biggest challenge in the wind energy is the wind itself. It changes its direction and causes problems in the power generation. In order to enhance the output, we need to know how does a wind turbine work.

The idea is to make intelligent systems based active wind flow control. 

So new method will for sure help in enhancing the efficiency of wind turbines but how?

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Intelligent system for the wind turbine efficiency:

Active wind flow control will enable the real-time actuation on the turbine blades to control the airflow and increase the efficiency of the wind turbine system. So, we need to play with this air flow.

twisted wind turbine

The trend nowadays in the field of energy is how to make the renewable energy reliable and to capture as much as we can energy from it due to the deterioration of common energy sources.

However common energy sources like thermal energy-coal-chemical is more reliable than renewable sources like solar-wind-nuclear energy , so the challenge here is how to make these resources more efficient and how to convince people to deal with it , consequently I have tried to find a way to capture more energy from wind turbines by “twisting the blades” and control both pitch and cone angles and this idea is my graduation project.Support green energy….for a better future.

How to calculate wind turbine power?
Efficiency of Turbine

for overall improvement, we need to know about the following terms …

  1. Wind turbine efficiency calculation
  2. Average efficiency of wind turbines
  3. Wind turbine efficiency comparison

For the year of 2012, the global wind power load factor is estimated to be 22.7%.

 If the wind flow is 9 meters per second, then the efficiency is roughly 40%.

However, the average turbine efficiency depends on the speed of the wind. We can only make wind turbine efficiency comparison if we know the exact values for the wind speeds and length and thickness of turbine blades.

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