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Reasons To Choose Adobe Reader As Your PDF Reader

Adobe Reader offers many diverse features, unlike any other PDF readers. It was the first ever PDF reader to come into play as Adobe Inc. were the inventors of PDF format. This is like a home-grown software and is extremely popular despite there being other options like Soda PDF online.

There are many reasons why Adobe Reader is so famous, despite its many drawbacks. If you ask an expert for an honest opinion, he or she would consider you to choose other options, however, Adobe Reader is still the number one or say mostly commonly used PDF readers out there.It does come with several benefits though. Here are a few reasons to choose Adobe Reader as your PDF reader:

It does come with several benefits though. Here are a few reasons to choose Adobe Reader as your PDF reader:


PDF files may have a large file size, which may make it difficult to use other tools, however, Adobe Reader has no problem handling big files.

This is because Adobe Reader offers enhanced performance when it comes to loading files and making options available compared to other PDF readers.

You won’t have to wait for too long even if you’re loading a 500 page eBook. For Adobe Reader, it takes a few seconds to load it.

Create Fill-In Forms

Adobe Reader lets you create forms as well as fill them. This is a great option because it eliminates the need to use other software to do so. You can create as many forms as you like on the Adobe Reader.

Digitally Sign Documents

If is often required to get documents signed when you work in a business environment. Here’s where Adobe Reader can be of help.

It lets you esign documents so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of getting the document printed. Also, this sign feature is authentic and accepted digitally.

Read Out Loud Option

Another amazing feature that is not available in many other PDF readers is the option to convert text to speech. This is an amazing feature as it lets people with weak sight or blindness listen and enjoy what a book or document has to offer.

Organize And Sort PDF Files

When you have many PDF files stored on your device, it can become daunting to keep them organized. Thanks to Adobe Reader’s organizing abilities, you can organize the files as you like.

You can also open multiple files on different tabs to read multiple files together. Other than that, you can also find a single PDF file among many by using the sort feature. You can enter the title of the file or search in an alphabetical order by entering the first letter of the file.


Adobe Reader requires you to buy a license in case you want to use all the features. However, it must be mentioned that other tools on the market also offer many of the features that Adobe Reader is known for, so this is not your last resort.

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