Lionel Messi isn’t Going to Jail! What are the jail terms?

One of the best footballer in the world, Lionel Messi (Argentina and Barcelona) was accused of tax fraud and now he has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for tax fraud. This is just another terrible news for the fans of Lionel Messi who has just announced his retirement after losing against Chile in the Copa America final.

What kind of Tax Fraud was that?

What is tax fraud? The generalized tax fraud is when someone intentionally (knowingly) fails to pay taxes to the government. There has been lot of tax fraud cases on the world’s most important celebrities and great players but you cannot say that they were intentionally doing so. They are actually unaware of these things.

Lionel Messi Statement in the Barcelona court:

The Barcelona player Lionel Messi told the court that he was playing football and he’s not aware of such things like taxes and finance. He told the court that his father and managers take care of all finance and he trusts them that is why he signed the document without reading it.

He Said, “I was playing football, I knew nothing …”

Now, the court has found that this is not a sufficient evidence for being not involved in the tax fraud. The court has decided to sentence him for 21 months in prison for the tax frauds.

Is Messi going to Jail?

No and never in this case, Lionel Messi isn’t going to jail because of the following reasons.

  • In the Spanish system, prison terms of under 2 years (24 months) can be served under probation. This makes it clear that Lionel Messi isn’t going to Prison.
  • They lawyer of the player Messi has said that they are going for an appeal in the supreme court of the Spain. So, the case is going to take some more time.

Lionel Messi Career best Performances:

Lionel Messi best career

  • Winner of Fifa Ballon d’Or as world’s best footballer 5 Times!
  • Voted UEFA best player in the Europe, Messi 3 Times
  • UEFA Champions League winner with FC Barcelona 4 Times
  • Spanish championship winner with FC Barcelona 8 times
  • Messi is Olympic gold medalist with Argentina in 2008
  • Messi is Argentina’s all-time best leading player & scorer with 55 goals

Worst things Happened to Lionel Messi Career:

  • Retirement and losing against Chile in the Copa America final.
  • Losing against Chile was fourth major defeat for Argentina

FC Barcelona’s reaction on Messi Jail:

The Barcelona Football Club has said that they are with Messi.

“FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo Messi and his father in relation to the conviction for tax fraud…”

The club said that, Messi and his father already corrected the taxes mistakes with Spanish Tax Office, so the court should not call it a criminal act and should declare the player free.

What Messi fans need to do?

The fan should not worry for Messi in this case, as his position is clear. He has paid a sum of €5M voluntarily to the Tax office. This is not a big issue after Messi his cleared himself with tax ofice but the court is very sensitive, may be to make it an example for the players or something else.

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