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Hummingbad malware: Is your android phone safe?

Do you know about the fake clicks being generated by Hummingbad malware in millions of the android smart phones? An estimate says that up to 10 millions of the android phones are infected. The Hummingbad malware is a software that generate fake clicks for it’s creator. It’s is also noted that the software automatically installs other malicious apps which are used for spying on your browser.

Worth of Fake Clicks Generated By Hummingbad malware!

It is estimated that the malware is generating a revenue of $300,000.00 Per month. This is huge amount of money generated through a malware which is remotely controlled.

Shedon or Hummingbad malware?

The malware is was identified by two securities companies, Checkpoint and Lookout. The malware family is called Shedun by Lookout but Hummingbad by Checkpoint.

According to Checkpoint Blog Post, over 10 millions phones are infected. The main targets of the malware are China, India and Philippines. The blog says more about the infected countries and the analytics of smartphones.

What exactly is it?

Hummingbad is a type of malware  which is known as a rootkit. What it does is it inserts itself deep inside a phone’s operating system to help it avoid detection and to give its controllers total control over the handset. You can say that it’s a software through which your cellphone is controlled by someone else. This is the ability, the remote control through which the creator of this malware clicks on the adverts to generate money. This software is also used for installing fake version of the popular apps in order to spy on the browsing of the cellphones. In other words you can say that it’s just making your android smartphone vulnerable.

“It can remain persistent even if the user performs a factory reset” – Kristy Edwards

Reading the Kristy Edwards Blog gives goosebumps, as the details are eye opening! This throjanized malware roots your android device and fully controls it.

How Hummingbad malware gets installed?

The malware gets installed on your handsets by exploiting loopholes in older versions of the Android operating system known as KitKat and JellyBean. The latest version of Android is known as Marshmallow. The older version of the android devices have a lot of technical glitches that is why Google always advises its android user to upgrade their smartphones regularly. Those who don’t Upgrades, faces such problems.

Google has been aware of this!

In a statement Google said, “We’ve long been aware of this evolving family of malware and we’re constantly improving our systems that detect it. We actively block installations of infected apps to keep users and their information safe.”

The Updated version of Android has removed so many bugs, a report from BBC says that 270 bugs were removed in the security updates in the last few months. Apart from that, there were 108 vulnerabilities which were removed in the latest updates. Cases like Hummingbad malware are rare and it’s very hard for users to get rid of such malware.

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