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Why is Customer Retargeting Important? Some Hidden Facts!

Big tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter are successful in boosting the conversions due to cookies based adavnaced customer retargeting techniques.

Conversions on the first visit are very rare. Statistics show that just 2% of the visitors actually buy a product on the first visit. The rest of 98% bounced visitors are brought back by retargeting and remarketing!

What exactly customer retargeting means?

Marketing tactics specially crafted for the visitors that leave your website after their first visit!

These visitors may include those coming from your paid adverts on social platforms, those who abandoned the cart, and your existing customers.

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It is very important to track them and bring them back through another marketing strategy when in order to boost the conversion (Product Sales)

Selling through Marketing
Bring them back to buy!

Let’s talk about the biggest retargeting tools and platforms. Google and Facebook are the two biggest retargeting platforms on the earth!

For example, I visited a product from social media i.e from Facebook Sponsored post a week ago, I wanted to buy it but I found it a bit expensive and I left. Now, this is what I am observing every now and then on my Facebook Feed. (Screenshot attached)

FB AI marketing
They are confident that I’ll buy!

How did they know? It is very simple. They are saving tiny data packets (cookies) in the cache of my laptop and browsers that enable them to know about my last visits and interests. Some people find it annoying while other don’t mind. But this is the essence of customer retargeting, without knowing one’s interests, it is always very difficult to get their attention and convert them.

Facebook vs Google for Retargeting (Remarketing!)

Who would you prefer if given the option to choose one of these two intelligent platforms for your customer retargeting campaigns?

Well, researchers show that Google is better for the branded product’s retargeting whereas Facebook is great for relatively new products that you want to sale. Why is this so?

Branded products already have high trust flow, they are likely to be bought by a large number of people if displayed at the right time and place.

While the new products need some social conversion and traffic in order to get some SEO edge and trust flow. This is one of the reasons new products should be pitched on social media to a huge traffic with engagements rather than to the people who are searching on the search engine.

Note that this is just one case study that works for our products, this may not work in some cases. We do think of Facebook as the winner but you cannot be 100% sure!

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