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What is wrong with Google? Lack of info. or biased Interests?

Recently, we have seen that Google has removed the Palestine state from the world map. The issue has been raised by millions of people over the social media but the Google is silent regarding the issue. From there you can clearly say that Google is a Pro Israeli. Let’s introduce you to the Hindu version of Google.

RSS version of the Google Maps is showing the Pakistani Azaad Kashmir (Freed Kashmir) as part of India. There are a few similarities between these two issues. How? Both of these two issues which Google intentionally or intentionally created are violating the rights of Muslims. And both of the territories are disputed ones. The internationally accepted, formally, Palestine on the Google maps has been removed from the Google maps. But why? We are still wondering if Google has personal interests or it’s due to lack of information.

This version of the map which is showing Pakistani Azaad Kashmir as Part of India is available on Indian Google Maps, i.e. when you access the mapping service through its Indian domain ‘’.  We can clearly see how they are misleading people.

The biggest Search Engine of the world is so biased and misleading people!

You can see a snapshot of the map (Indian version) shown in the image below.

Google maps India
Image/ Google maps India Screen

Google Maps is a registered trade mark which is selling its services to the countries where it is registered. How does this work? It’s simple. If Google maps is registered in China and The Chinese ask Google to show India as part of China, Google would think if it’s a good idea or not. As India will block Google in their country for violating her rights.

What Pakistani Government needs to do?  We hope that our government ask Google to correct its information and if the company refuse to do so, then the only option is to entirely block the search engine in a country of 200 million people. Certainly this is not a good idea for both sides.

The problem with the international Google maps is that they’re showing the Freed Kashmir is a part of the disputed region. We are wondering if the company is doing all this knowingly.

Misleading Google map
Image/ Azaad Kashmir shown as Disputed area

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