Top 10 Best Ways to Use Big Data Analytics in Startups

Big Data has provided the world with the solutions to the problems that were not even realized a decade ago. After the hype created by the first Computers and the inception of the Internet, Big Data Analytics is the next big thing of the century which is playing an important role in the advancement of the world.

There is no use of the technology that does not contribute towards the improvement of civilizations thus, in our opinion, the best 10 ways to use big data analytics are the ones that help solve the problem that the current world faces. A lot of companies are working on these social issues. Your small business startup can be from these fields using big data tools! Let’s have a look at the best applications of big data.

1: Stopping Wars and Killings Using Big Data

big data can play an important role in prediction of wars and stopping theme before they happen!
Image / Destroyed Buildings …Big data

Human lives are of immense importance. A small number of people in different regions of the world are constantly waging wars on innocent civilians for their vile motives. People, due to lack of knowledge and technological inabilities become the victims of these groups.

Big Data is becoming a big help for different Law Enforcement Agencies all-around the globe such as NSA and KGB. These agencies and more have used Big Data Analytics for foil terrorists’ plots, detecting cyber crimes and using many other classified approaches that have prevented the world until now from commencing a conundrum such as the World War.

In the February of 2014, the Chicago Police Department developed “Custom Notifications” by on-duty Police Officers in order to identify a computer generated list using Big Data Analytics to successfully prevent the suspects that were about to commit crimes.

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2: Global Warming Control Using Big Data tools

Controlling Global Warming Using big data analytics
Image/ Global Warming/ Flicker

This is one of the most important problems that needs to be addressed. We humans have become very inhumane about our planet and as a result, Global Warming has taken its toll. Sea-levels have started rising and the winters are becoming more biting and the summers unbearably warm. This has become the cause for many diseases to erupt such as Linea Nigra during pregnancy which causes this body part to darken being quite awful to the sight. The sole cause of this is the rise in the global temperature.

Many scientific organizations have adopted Big Data’s approach towards controlling the causes that are the reason for the Global Warming. One of the main cause of Global Warming is Pollution and Scientists are analyzing through Big Data, the Carbon Dating of the organic matters found in the most common places and reducing the Carbonic activity at these places by finding alternates. The biggest example of this approach is the invention of Hybrid Cars that uses minimal amount fossil fuels and maximal amount pf electricity for driving cars.

3: Drinking Water & Big Data Analysis 

According to a research, 1.4 million children die each year due to the lack of clean drinking water. And still, a large part of world’s population lives without the access to clean drinking water. One of the main reasons of this global drought is the immense amount of water being wasted.

To encounter this issue, Big Data plays an important role in facilitating the research which enables the control over the amount of clean drinking water being wasted. This research is carried out in the city Long Beach, CA where “Smart Water Meters” are being used to detect illegal watering in real time and have helped the citizens of reducing their water usage to up to 80 percent eliminating the water being wasted.

4: Controlling Global Financial Crisis Using Big Data

The world is still unable to recover from the Global Financial Crises that it faced a few years ago. It is imminent that we make the Global Financial more resilient in order to recover from this and the future shocks that it may encounter.

Big Data plays an important role to help the Financers and Global Decision Makers to improve the current Economic and Trading systems. More reliable results are drawn from Big Data Analytics based on Social Networks and Electronic media and the decisions are made in split seconds.

5: Energy Crises & big data tools

Most parts of the world are facing an energy crisis. Failing to meet the basic energy requirements have caused many regions in the world to fall back in their progress which has caused others to exploit them while developing a huge gap between the advancements of civilizations.

These crises are being met by the companies that are using Big Data techniques to come up with the remedies. For example, XCEL ENERGY Co. has initiated the development of “Smart Grids”. These grids would gather data from different regions that will be analyzed by the Power Companies and the governments the power usage of that region which will be used later to chalk out the plans for the future infrastructure of Power Stations development.

6: Controlling Unemployment through big data tools

This is the most significant problem as it is faced by almost all people directly. Recent measures have been taken by different countries using big data analytics to direct the people towards job vacancies according to their skills and education. Basically, big data is helping us organize things and priorities theme accordingly.

7: Drug Abuse & Big Data Tools

It is the oldest and one of the most common problem faced by almost all parts of the world. Governments have been inept to solve this problem but recently, some measures have taken depending on the Big Data Analytics. Records through Hospitals and Police Stations from around the world are being used to detect the culprits and find them alternates in order to eliminate this issue.

8: ‘CORRUPTION’ Control through big data tools

Where there are humans there is corruption in some ways! Some people call it just lack of honesty and integrity but it’s more than that as it’s a crime.  Law Enforcement agencies, however, shall be using the big data analysis to reduce the crime rates in near future. Let’s hope for the best.

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9: ‘EDUCATION’ & big data analytics tools

Education is the keystone to solving the problems that are faced by the humans. Still, only 30 percent of the world is educated. The main reason for this is the lack of interest. Big data analytics can play a main role in finding people’s interest and educating them accordingly.

10: Uncontrolled Growth of Technology and Big Data to help …

big data analytics to help control the growth of technology
Image/ Big Data/ Technology

Last but not least, since the industrial age and the inception of computers, technology has grown rapidly. New inventions are being made every day without the analysis of the effects they might have on society which often come out to be in the negative. All these inventions should be gathered to analyze this big data in order to direct it to a wiser path.

The first step towards solving any problem is realizing that we have one. These problems, if not addressed by the best resources we have will bring the world into a much worse state than it is already in and thus creating the world a better place shall be the best use for applying any invention or technology and even the techniques of big data analytics.

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