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Things the Most Respected Bosses Do Every Day

Once you have started your business you should work on polishing your skills to be a good boss. You will be responsible for not only your future and your company’s, but also for the people who are working for you.
In order to be a best boss, you should be a leader too. According to a study, all the best bosses around the world have following traits and qualities in them.

1. They share their vision

The best thing a boss can do for their team is to share his vision, his passion, and goals with them. That way the team will also have a clear understanding of the work they are doing. A good boss communicates his ideas and concerns freely with his team.

2. They develop expertise

One of the most admirable quality of a good boss is that he is well qualified and expert at the job that he is doing. This makes the workers respect the boss because they know that their leadership is in good hands.

3. Good boss respects people’s time

One thing you should start immediately being a boss is realizing that time is money. Never waste any of your workers time unnecessarily. Don’t keep them waiting, don’t extend the duration of boring meetings.

4. They set priorities – being a boss

We can never emphasize the quote more “Be a leader, not a boss”. This means you have to decide the business approach your company has to take. Focus on your main goals and lead your team to success.

5. They share information

As a boss, you should never leave your team in the dark. A good boss shares all the information and details regarding their projects with the team, so the team and workers have better understanding of on-going situation.

6. Smart boss makes great decisions

One thing that makes a great boss is that he never backs out whenever a difficult situation occurs. He must be decisive and also be super confident in whatever decision he’s taking. Workers and employees like to have a sense of security, that there is one person that can handle all difficult situations. And that one man is the boss.

7. They offer praise

Give credit where credit is due. A good boss should be able to appreciate and praise a worker openly and publically. Never be a miser with words in this department remembering, the more you appreciate people the more they tend to perform better.

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8. They demonstrate empathy

A great boss should be able to connect to its workers on a very personalized level. He should be able to think of its workers as human beings, not machines that just come and work. If you mean to be a good boss for your team show some feelings of empathy towards them.

9. Good boss says thanks!

One thing that goes a long way is gratitude. Show some gratitude towards your workers. Sure, you are paying them to get your work done but by offering thanks every now and then and being thankful of your team members for their hard work will make your employees respect you more.

10. They pull everyone together – great boss tip

A great boss knows the importance of unity. He should make teams and groups of like-minded people to improve the effectiveness of getting work done. The environment of the office should be calm and people should be able to work in peace and harmony.

11. Good boss asks smart questions

Another good trait of good boss that leads any business towards success is that keep an eye on every matter of the office. Don’t just leave things as is instead, go on around checking and double-checking every last detail. Ask relevant questions to your workers and stay updated of everything going on in your office.

12. They have respect for people’s lives

An ideal boss knows that even your employees have life outside from your office. Identify their needs, interests and requirements and treat them likewise. They do have family and children so show them some respect and enough freedom to comfortably be who they are while getting work done from them.

13. They hire thoughtfully – being a smart boss

Hiring and assembling team for your office is the most difficult thing. A good boss should be able to recognize true talent in people. They should be able to judge people by asking right questions in the interview.

14. They accept blame

God forbid the company faces any failures or come short of meeting their deadline, a good boss always steps forward. Instead of playing the blame game and pointing fingers towards other workers Boss should be a man enough to take the blame.

15. Good boss has a sense of humor

Life should not be dull and boring so why should your office be like that? A good boss should strive to make office environment light and friendly by showing some humor from time to time. This makes the workers relax and work without any extra added pressure.

16. Good Boss communicates effectively

Communication is the key. In clear and understandable language communicate directly to your workers. Be vocal about tasks, deadline and other requirements of the project. Don’t pass on messages instead; make effort to communicate directly to each and every member of your office.

17. They model ethical behavior

A great boss sets example by following the rules himself. Social etiquettes, basic social norms, and decency should be followed religiously in a workplace. Boss should be able to inspire people by following ethical behavior and giving respect to each and every team member.

18. They celebrate wins

A good boss should celebrate and admire all the achievements of his team. Nobody likes to work in unappreciative office. Celebrate the success of your team, it can be just some words of appreciation or a full-blown party.

19. They strive for excellence

A great boss never becomes satisfied with half-hearted attempts. Look for perfection, look for excellence. Push your team for excellence and greatness. Don’t just get work done instead get work done that is flawless.

20. Good bosses make more leaders

Sure a boss is a leader, but that does not mean that they bound the team by his rules. Give your workers enough creative freedom so that they can produce better output. Inspire people so that they also are able to be team captains and leaders themselves.

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