Teen Business Ideas: 100 Best Startup Ideas for Teenagers

According to a market research firm, about 4 out of 10 people aged 8-21 years dream of one day setting up their own company.

That said, 26 percent of young people agree that opening a business is better than having a job in the future.

Being young provides a unique opportunity to test business ideas and convert them into profit. You are better able to fail, so success will come faster.

Not to mention that he who has more professional experience and can compete with lower prices, as he is starting in this new world and has motivation.

Read on to find excellent teen business ideas for starting a business if you’re young.

100 Best Teen Business Ideas

Although young entrepreneurs need the experience and knowledge that adults have, the younger you start, the greater the wisdom and experience you will accumulate over time.

So you already know, read the business tips that are ideas for young people to set up to earn extra money at the end of the month. The best teen business ideas for you are:

1. Gym or fitness center

Everyone in the world today is on alert for their physical health, so opening a gym or fitness center can be a good option.

2. Children’s party organizer

Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s birthday parties, especially with social networks, so if you can organize a themed party with lots of details, there are many customers waiting.

3. Interior design

The demand for interior designers is higher today, so starting a business as an interior designer can be a good option. You just need to have a qualified skill.

4. Small grocery store

It is also a good idea to start a grocery store business at a lower level, with enough savings it can be a safe business.

5. Lawns and Gardens

Just straighten your sleeves and start cutting, cutting and fertilizing gardens for offices and residential customers.

6. Home inspection service

A keen eye for structural details paves the way for success in your home inspection service. Start by evaluating clients’ homes for problems such as structural damage and fundamental abnormalities, then refer clients to masons and carpenters with concerting skills, a two-tier business.

7. Pet food

Start serving food and pet supplies directly to customers’ doors. The aim is to get some fixed contracts.

8. Explainer

There are many students who need assistance in all matters – whether in elementary school or college. If you have this knowledge, then starting your own tutoring business can become an attractive business idea that requires almost no money. After all, students already have the materials.

9. IT Freelancer

If you are good at programming, there are many companies that need software, as long as you are good at managing projects and delivering quality service.

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10. Tour guide

This can be a very tempting profession for those who have information about every street in the city, every corner. If your city is a tourist destination, then you can play the role of tour guide.

11. Part-time babysitting services

Women who want to start their own work, this option may be better for them. Many working parents need this service.

12. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate work is always a good job, to advise on real estate and to buy, sell, rent etc.

13. Yoga Center

In today’s stressful life many people would like to practice yoga, so the Yoga center can also be a good option for business.

14. Photography or Videography

The videography business can be started using a camera. It costs 30 to 35 thousand meticais to start.

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15. Catering Business

If you are an expert in cooking, make your company. There is no shortage of customers. You can provide your catering service to individuals or even companies.

16. Event planner

This is a profession; in which you can be busy for 12 months. Sometimes a festival, sometimes a birthday party. People are looking for party planners to save their time.

17. Store and Office Decoration

Not only do houses need to be decorated, today shops and offices want to be increasingly attractive to customers.

18. Recycling business

Advanced technology and rapid growth have increased the need for solid waste management in the country. That is why the recycling business is growing rapidly.

19. Toy creation

Plush toys always have a great demand due to being safe for children. They are also used to decorate houses.

Requires colorful or copula and elegant clothes, synthetic cotton, needle thread and other decorative items. You can also start with your family or friends.

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20. Sale of used books

Students and book lovers are always looking, there is a right audience for this business.

21. Nail Salon

A salon that offers various nail art services such as nail painting, nail drilling, nail decoration and nail varnish, as well as services such as manicure, pedicure, hand / foot spa, hand / foot massage.

22. Pest Control

Provide pest control service for families or businesses.

23. Uniform Services

Uniforms can be provided to schools, sports teams, security companies, hospitals and a whole host of other institutions.

24. Translation services

International trade is growing rapidly. Many people do not know English, so having an agency that provides translators can be a very profitable organization.

25. Car cleaning services

Provide car cleaning services periodically and at home.

26. Maintenance of buildings

Perform cleaning and maintenance operations in offices, houses or institutes.

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27. Packing and unpacking service

Packing to move to a new home or office is a lot of work and for greater time savings people prefer to hire.

28. Handyman

This service is ideal because in a house there is always something damaged that needs to be repaired, from faucet, drawers, windows etc. If it is broken, you can repair it.

29. Home-Entertainment Installation

Specialist connecting the wires, cables and other components of radio and television equipment, antenna or others, with your knowledge in technology and electronics you can make a lot of money.

30. Collection services

Companies do not have the patience to chase debtor customers or even people, because they do not want to ruin relationships, so if you are an insistent person you can do the service of collecting the amounts owed with a small commission.

31. Swimming Pool Services

With little more than a few cleaning equipment and a water test kit. Just load your tools in your car and make the rounds in some more privileged areas. Then, dive directly into the business, marketing your service to condominiums and others.

32. Elderly companion

There are many elderly people looking for someone to keep them or families looking for advice on how to care for their elders, even though we don’t have much time we don’t want our parents and grandparents abandoned, if you are a patient and friendly person you can be a good deal.

33. Delivery man

It is very simple, if you have a motorbike or bicycle, the customer simply gives you a shopping list and you bring everything and take a small commission and can even work for some stores.

34. Social media manager

Companies and individuals are always looking for people to manage and maintain their social channels for them. I think there are many companies that would pay a lot for these services.

35. Project Manager

Believe it or not, not all companies have project managers internally. This means that projects can fail very quickly and be delivered too late. That is why they are willing to hire external project managers to keep their teams focused.

36. Resume writing service

Many people have a hard time writing amazing resumes. And, it can even cause them to lose jobs even if they have skills. If you have the skills to compose resumes, it becomes a profitable business.

37. Life coach or mentor

Great managers and entrepreneurs and even ordinary people need a lot, many people hire coaches or mentors to help them with things like losing weight, regaining motivation or finding happiness through advice and exercises like the wheel of life.

38. Self-defense instructor

If you understand Karate or other martial arts, you can instruct people so that they can defend themselves from criminals or other dangerous situations.

39. Sale of plants online

In fact, it is a growing niche, as people are increasingly concerned with roses and gardens, you can prepare very interesting bouquets and vases and sell online.

40. Nursery at home

You will definitely need to get the proper licenses, but this is a business that you can start at home if you have a lot of space, people just bring the kids and you take care of them during the day and they come to collect later.

41. Importing products

Many people want to buy on sites like Alibaba, but do not know how to pay or are afraid, you can buy products from abroad and deliver.

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42. Makeup artist

If it is a special occasion like a wedding, people pay a lot of money for someone to do their makeup.

43. Instructor

You can instruct anyone to play an instrument, cook or train. You simply need your knowledge to get started.

44. Used vehicle inspector

You can help people who want to buy used cars to check all the problems and advise on the brand.

45. Travel agent

Even though there are hundreds of travel agencies out there, most people don’t have the time or patience to compare flight prices and hotel rates. That is why it is still necessary for people to do the work for them.

46. ​​Cupid

Matchmaking is a simple business that can be started from home. You just need data from unmarried male and female candidates to start this business, it simply means finding peers or people who want to meet a partner and arrange a date, people are finding it increasingly difficult to find a partner these days.

47. Laundry and delivery

Try a laundry collection and home delivery business. This is one of the low investment teen business ideas.

48. Legal advice services

You cannot beat the law. . .as great lawyers are very busy with big cases small cases need monitoring and advice from those who understand the law.

49. Mobile massage

Success is close to mobile massage providers. Advertise your stress relief services at local fitness clubs, spas and physiotherapist offices. Then bring your hands – and a portable massage table – to clients’ homes or workplaces.

50. Mobile mechanic

As a mobile mechanic, a good knowledge of auto repair techniques and a list of references help you to increase sales. Put your business into action by bringing your service directly to customers’ homes or business locations.

51. Construction Assistant

No one has time to chase after masons and carpenters, so an assistant can do the job and only notify you if you need your intervention or everything is ready.

52. Painter

It seems simple, but a good painter is really rare, because in most cases they are amateurs and inexperienced, with good knowledge this service always has customers.

53. Electronic Security Systems Installer

Assembly of CCTV systems, as well as advice on the type of devices to use according to the home or business is a service required these days.

54. Small recruitment agency

Starting a recruiting company is a good business idea. The recruiting company does not require large investments. You only need small offices and few contacts to get started.

55. Personal Detective

It is not just service for large companies or large police cases, small family cases such as investigating disappearance or even cases of marital betrayal.

56. Old goods store

From old coins to small statues or historical works, there are people interested in buying these objects.

57. Breeder of exotic fish

These fish are raised in specific environments with specific dietary needs. This is of increasing popularity and like dogs some species of fish are sold at high prices.

58. Bureaucratizing agent

This service is for people who do not have time to process documents or processes in state institutions because they are boring and take a long time, if you have contacts or experience there is a lot to do in this area.

59. Bird sales

Purebred pigeons, parrots and birds are desired by many, as they can be trained and cared for easily.

60. Retirement homes

Provide accommodation, care and services and meet the specific needs of pensioners and their families.

61. Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance Business

Air conditioning and business service installation is yet another highly profitable and thriving service based business that an entrepreneur should consider starting.

This type of business requires technical skills; therefore, if you are looking to start this type of business, you must ensure that you have acquired the necessary training.

62. Music production

Music producers are just as important as musicians themselves – if not more important. The producer is the person (or organization, as the case may be), who develops the general concept of a song, comes up with the beats and helps to adjust the song in general.

63. Wedding planner

Being a wedding planner requires you to be involved in helping couples plan their wedding and everything that surrounds the wedding day. You are solely responsible for the success of the wedding event and you must ensure that all details of the wedding are attended to.

64. Book Club

Book clubs are basically a group of people who come together to discuss a book or books they have read or the books they are currently reading. They can also buy or exchange books.

65. Public relations

Companies need people who communicate with them abroad, whether on social networks or even in the winds, it is possible to have someone who stands up for the company and organizes events or social responsibility actions.

66. Vehicle tracker

Another trending and very prosperous and profitable business in the security sector is the car tracker installation and repair business.

67. Comedian

Yes, you can become a comedian and start working by making people laugh. If you can really make people laugh you can try it professionally in clubs or concert halls and be as famous as singers.

68. Dance studios

As interests in dance are increasing due to many dance groups emerging as a result of many dance competition events and programs, starting a dance studio to teach people how to dance is not a bad business idea.

69. Games room

Today’s generation is very interested in playing, so you can make a game room like your company.

70. Ice cream parlor

Ice cream is one of the good business ideas for teens.

71. Companion of children

Taking children to school can be a very difficult task for parents and it does not need to be a school face even if it is on foot it is necessary to ensure that the child is left and collected.

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72. Graphic Services

There are many people out there looking for graphic artists to hire their graphic works. If you are a graphic designer, you can take your services online.

73. Window washing

Take your bucket, squeegee and glass cleaning solution, and dirty windows from local buildings and homes, make small contracts and always be careful with security.

74. Gift baskets

Wouldn’t it be fun to make a gift basket overflowing with a bunch of carefully selected and really attractive items? Of course yes! You could be very pleased to collect distinctive gift baskets that will delight your customers and bring sales!

75. Keychain

Not only is there a constant need for this service, but with increasingly complex door systems, is there more room to increase your customers?

76. Office cleaning

It is especially difficult for very small companies to hire someone they can trust to clean the office themselves. That is why if you are willing to work hard and be reliable, you can earn a lot of money from it. You can work nights only.

77. Business Plan Writer

Everyone must have a business plan. But many people are hesitant to create a plan or do not know how to do it. That’s where you come in.

But remember, its great added value is to help your customers learn how to develop a framework for making critical strategic decisions for their business, not just to create a beautiful document.

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78. Cosmetics Sales

You can sell cosmetics to co-workers, friends and neighbors. Maybe you can create specific sales events or parties!

79. Personalized T-shirts

If you want to make a good income by producing t-shirts, then create custom shirts on demand, using your client’s designs or perhaps different designs that you have available.

80. Meeting planner

Companies and non-profit organizations spend a lot of money on meetings, seminars and conferences, and even when they have in-house employees, they often hire a meeting planning service.

They are particularly likely to hire a meeting planner when they are planning a meeting in a distant city. To get started in this business, take advantage of all the contacts you have, approach local associations and companies and create a strong presence on social networks.

81. Financial advisor

Most people who have money have no idea how to use or where to invest, they do not know how stock exchanges or participation in companies works, if you have deep knowledge and have some right contacts in this area you can start doing business.

82. Landscape designer

There is a big difference between cutting grass and performing a complete landscaping service. At the highest end are landscape designers, who design elaborate and unique landscape changes for houses and other buildings.

83. Furniture recovery

You will need some knowledge to begin remodeling, but some skills can be learned quite easily, such as removing paint or varnish, and finishing. Many people have antique furniture in homes that have one defect or the other.

84. Bicycle rental

For this deal, you can set up service stations or other local companies as your agents, giving them a percentage of the rental fees.

85. Mobile Outdoor

You can put a big sign on the top of your car or pull it out. This is particularly important for local businesses, because you can offer a direct marketing approach around the same business block, for example.

You can also offer a service to hire people to agree to have a commercial sign mounted on their cars while driving around the city normally.

86. Outplacement service

Outplacement is basically helping employees who have been fired or who are about to be fired to reposition themselves in the market or to arrange small projects that they can do, so companies avoid spending too much on severance pay.

 87. Goods storage service

There are not many fixed costs and the money flows without the headaches! And with today’s sophisticated security and safety systems, you will be able to operate this business without any staff on site, it is basically storing objects, documents, machines and other goods for companies / offices.

88. Apartment preparation service

Every time someone moves into an apartment, there is some work to be done: cleaning, painting and often minor repairs. If you can provide these services, this may be a good deal for you!

89. Food truck or food cart

Food trucks and food carts are growing! They allow you to enter the food service business with much less overhead than a restaurant, and more and more people are willing to buy more food from food trucks.

To be successful, choose a location where workers do lunch breaks and differentiate yourself from other cars with better hygiene and decor.

90. Motivational speaker

Motivational speakers can earn a lot of money even from a short presentation. But you need to be awesome! And you need to sell yourself. They are hired for large group corporate retreats, and once you start giving fantastic presentations, word of mouth begins!

91. Professional Organizer

People are messed up. Offices, garages and homes – they all tend to get out of hand. However, there are people who love the idea of ​​being organized!

That’s where you, the professional organizer, can help. If you can keep your home tidy, you can do the same for others. Organize a room in your home and friends’ house and show the before and after pictures.

92. Clown service

The money you can make as a clown is nothing to laugh about. Children’s parties, fairs and others rent these services to make the environment pleasant.

93. Preparation for exams

Students are more stressed than ever trying to get into the right school, but you can help! Like many small businesses, an important key to success is specialization!

Choose one or two tests in which you can excel. Then, study and continue to practice them until your results and knowledge are truly remarkable.

94. Smartphone repair

Yes, you can learn to repair smartphones. You can buy parts and you can watch videos on YouTube that show you how to make repairs.

You can earn good money, but you will have a lot of patience to start. A store, even a small one on a side street or on the second floor of a building, will help make your business more established.

With this course you will be able to diagnose and repair the most common electronic devices and install security and automation devices in homes and businesses.

 95. Social media influencer

If your social media posts develop a large enough audience, you can make money as a social media influencer.

There are advertising companies specifically hired to promote company brands through social media influencers, or you can sell your product promotion services to your followers.

96. Accountant

Experience, training or licensing may be required. Create a brochure describing your services. Before doing this, you need to know what these services will be. Do you simply want to do accounting for a small business?

A more involved level of accounting would actually be making balance sheets, income statements and other financial reports monthly, quarterly and / or annually, depending on the needs of the business. Other specializations can include tax accounting, a huge potential area of ​​work.

97. Solar energy consultant

As a solar consultant, you can basically conduct a home inspection and give customers a report on their solar options for your home. This can range from direct general solar installations that generate electricity to simple solar lighting.

You may want to start by working at a solar products company to become knowledgeable about solar energy. However, to be a consultant, it is often best not to affiliate with any company or product and be able to recommend products and options from various solar companies.

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98. Alterations and adaptation of clothes

Fashion, style and preparation remain a lucrative side business idea that can be done in your hours away from work. If you know how to fix clothes, then you have a growing market for customers.

99. Exclusive product distributor

You’ve heard about Avon and Tupperware representatives, right? You can also become a direct merchant for exclusive products to make some extra money. If you find a legitimate and dedicated company, it can really become a full-time job.

100. Website developer

We live in a digital world where every company needs a website to drive traffic to make sales. If you have the skills, you can enter an industry that will never die.

You can also start small by creating websites on platforms like WordPress. If you want to take your web building skills to the next level, you can learn how to create websites easily from free courses available on web.

We hope that you would have our list of 100 teen business ideas informative! If you any unique teen business idea of your own, you can drop it down in the comments section. Do check our other free resources!

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