Sultan Movie of Salman Khan. How’s that man?

Sultan movie of Salman Khan has just been released on Eid. Sultan Box Office Day 2 earnings are Rs (INR) 37 crore. Total earnings in the two days are Rs (INR) 73.7 crore. The analysts have said that the Sultan movie will complete it’s 100 crore in 3rd Day of it’s release. This is a significant business by this movie of Salman Khan who is a sportsman in the movie. Let the business things aside, Let’s talk about the realities depicted in the movie Sultan.

Anushka Sharma (The very famous lady in recent times, cricket fans will know the story) and Salman Khan’s performances have been appreciated in Sultan Movie. They have put a great effort in this movie to make it look real.

Things to Learn from Sultan Movie!

We are very excited to share some of the most important things that you can learn from Sultan movie of Salman Khan.

1: Motivation and Confidence

Yes, the best that I always search for is the motivation. The motivation from hero like Salman Khan really boost your energy and makes you react as soon as possible. You get a confidence when you look at your favorite hero doing something challenging and completing it successfully. In the movie Sultan, Slaman Khan is a street boy who was called a “s**t guy” by the girl (Slutan’s crush). What he did made the girl ask him for Marriage! All the motivation came from just an insult by a girl who was champion.

2: Setting Up Goals in Life

Life is a race, if you have no goals you have no life at all. Goals in life are just like fuel in the car. You must have some final destination and a target in life that you should achieve. Take small steps to reach a big goal and celebrate the small milestones!

3: Faith on Allah & Believe in Yourself

The best line from Sultan movie that just penetrated into my brain is “Opur Allah Nechy dharti bech me tera Janon” I would like to translate it the way I want, It would be like “Mighty Creator, Allah is Watching Your Passion on Earth” So, whatever you do, do it with passion and know that Allah is with you if you’re on the right path!

4: Try Something New

Unless and until you try something new and unique, you’re not going to get something amazing. You’ll find life very straightforward if you are following the traditional and simple ways. You need to try something new, something amazing and exceptionally well!

5: You only Lose when you think you’re gonna lose!

This is yet another best motivational dialogue from Sultan Movie! You lose when you think you will lose! If you are confident that you will win, you’re winning! That’s the positivity you need in life! Look at the positive aspects of life.

6: True Love never ends

No matter how many hurdles and distances are there true love never ends and never loses. In fact, love is something that doesn’t depend on materialistic things. If someone cares for is your passion and your character!

7: Work Hard and Work Consistently

Yes, you will see Sultan in the movie chasing train and ploughing in the fields. This is something really worthy. You will have to do a lot of hard work to get your dreams. Dreams are priceless and priceless things are very hard to get. Aren’t they?

8: Money is not Everything!

Both the main characters are not from rich family, money doesn’t really matter in life. If you think money works, it’s just your thinking! Money makes the mare go but the world is running on ideas and hope!

9: True Passion is never lost!

What you really love and passionate about is never lost. You can start again and again to rise and shine. Every single failure in life is a great step to a big success in life. Just know yourself and your passion!

10: You Can Do Whatever you want to do!

Yes, I believe that one can do anything if he is passionate and works on a perfect plan. Consistency, handwork and new ways of doing something will let you get it done sooner than others!

11: Romance is Very Important!

Life without romance is not life! Romance with your field, loving your passion, nation etc. In other words, you need to take interest in whatever you do! There are a lot other things that relates to the movie Sultan. But one of the most important thing that has just clicked in my mind at the end of this article is Business Model, Business Plan and sticking to your plans. This is the best I can write for you!

Written by Faheem Rafique


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