Pakistan Needs Social Change Innovators

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In your heart, do you feel anything persuasive regarding helping others in need? It’s been my experience that most humans at some time in their lives focusing on certain categories of people in need and have a desire to help. If this is the situation for you, then you are at right track to be a social change innovator. A social change innovator is anyone who pursues to make a difference in the world, who craves to make the world a better place to live. Social change innovators strive to solve social problems by using innovative approaches with sustainable upshots. Above all, Social change innovators are everyday people who care about others and who would like to make a difference in this world.

According to UN (united nation) report, global population growth from 7 billion (2012) to almost 9 billion is expected by 2040, and demands for resources will rise exponentially. By 2030, requirements for food are projected to rise by 50%, energy by 45% and water by 30%. We are presently depleting natural resources 50% faster than the planet can renew. At this rate, it is estimated that World needs three more plants to keep up with the resource need as they are today.

In Pakistan, the situation is awful as we are facing enormous economic and social problems.  According to Finance minister of Pakistan, the unemployment rate has climbed to 8.3% during fiscal year 2015, with 700, 000 people are unemployed in the country. It indicates that country is facing appalling youth unemployment crisis which is catastrophic itself adhering to society’s well-being.

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The current structure of our socio economic system itself has everyone ought to meet their own needs by creating a competitive socio innovative environment in order to encounter these prevailing issues. We should not rely on Government, NGOs and other relevant institutions to solve the problems we are exposed to; rather we should invent sustainable solutions to change the world. For the first time we have the capability, the technology, and the knowledge to achieve a global society of abundance for all, we cannot continue as we are; for the consequence, will surely be dire.

21st century is known to be the century of innovation and discoveries where problem solving skills are binding to have; Problem solving excites imagination, and by solving problems new doors of insight open into undiscovered universes.

The Social Change Innovators whether they want to change locally, nationally or internationally, they are not professors, scientists or business graduates, they are people like you and me, a common and everyday people, they are people that are frustrated what they see in a direct environment and want to make a change.

We all have the power to make a change because it is the start of transformation of capitalism where success will be measured by the social value we create.

You and I can change the world:

When I say change the world, it means you and I along with other like us in this world, can literally change some of the direction of our world.

You don’t need to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.  All you need to be is you. As Social Change Innovators, we have great power as common, everyday people.

About the Writer: Syed Sajid Hussain

social entrepreneurship in Pakistan!

I am a teacher, researcher, social entrepreneur and an educational activist with eight years of teaching experience in distance education, including web-based technologies. Currently, I am working as Lecturer Marketing at the Department of Management Sciences, Virtual University of Pakistan.



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