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Small Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs who are looking forward to making a difference in the year of 2017 should start working on small business ideas which are more profitable.  Starting just a single business isn’t something that can make you a millionaire or just an entrepreneur. In our last blog, most profitable small business ideas for 2017, we talked about comparatively bigger ideas which need some upfront investment. Our friends and fellows on social who are teen entrepreneurs in majority asked us to write something on the simplest ideas that can only take a few weeks to make a huge difference. Of course, it’s not an easy task but our team has some top entrepreneurs who are very helpful and they’ve decided to list out the most profitable businesses with least amount of upfront investment. The have really amazing business ideas for young entrepreneurs. Let’s start the ideas list without wasting your precious time!

Small Business Requirements:

Starting a small business is really the most important part-time job that you can do. We assure you, you’ll never regret if you follow our tips for success. Entrepreneurship section of Frontier Post has so many articles about success. You may read them some other time. The first and foremost thing about the successful small business is the investment of your time. How much time do you have for your own business? The more time you give it, the more successful you will be. The second important thing is the business plan and your marketing skills. Without marketing, nothing is going to hit the millions figure for getting viral over social media and to get the attention of billionaires. The third most important thing in our opinion is a great working team! If you’ve got these things you have planned well for success.

So, our three keys for success would be

  • Investment of Time
  • Business plan & Marketing
  • Team Work!

Firstly, we’re going to talk about small business ideas with some money investment. At the end of these ideas, we have a free ideas list which you can start today! The ideas are randomly placed, the order is not priority based.

These are almost risk-free businesses if your business plan is perfect. Read about Business Plan

1: Food Supplies (*Get Vehicles on Rent)

Food Supply business idea
Image/ Food Supply business

Food businesses are never going to fail. Food is the need of every single living organism in this world! Getting into the Supply business of fresh foods is a great profitable idea. In the most populated countries, the most popular business would be real life business with physical existence and daily base cash flows!  Wholesale catering supplies business has no competition or a small competition. The suppliers are usually uneducated unorganized. Transportation is likely to the only requirement.

Why don’t you start a well-organized catering supplies business? If you cannot afford a small vehicle for the supply purpose, you can have them on monthly rent. This is an interesting business. You don’t need to do it yourself, you just need to have a team of two or three honest, educated, and hard-working fellows who will carry out the business plan that has been planned and supervised by you! No business can be more beneficial than “Fruit and veg deliver” if you get the trust of people. How to get trusted widely? Be honest, be regular and be nice to people!

Requirements: Marketing Skills and Research.    Cash Flow: Daily base.

2:  Small Scale Farming, Vegetable Farming.

small scale farming business
Image/ Tomato

Seasonal Vegetables businesses and seasonal crop buying businesses are some of the common but less known profitable business ideas. All you need to have is perfect execution plan, you don’t need upfront investment if you want to buy ‘ready to harvest crops’

One of our friend had done similar project and he only invested his skills and a little time. He bought a wheat field when it was almost ready to harvest. He earned a million within 3 months! This business require a little experience and research on the land and region of most productive fields. What about fish forming? An investment of $300 can give you a good business of fish forming in villages and small towns and then apply idea no. 1 for supply purpose! Fish farming is a good profitable venture! Young Pakistani Entrepreneurs really need to look for the unique and needed ventures.

Requirements: Communication skills, Marketing skills and Public relations!

3: Equipment Rental business (tool rentals)

Equipment Rental business for young entrepreneurs is good.
Image / Equipment

This is really a good business idea that can be implemented both online and in the market. People want to have facilities at door step. Why don’t you rent them their required tools? Some of the ventures in this field are really growing! Mobile vehicle repair services are also amazingly making a lot of money!

Requirements: Some Experience and Public Dealing. Cash Flow: Daily base 

4:  Healthy Foods Business (Fast foods?)

healthy food business ideas
Image/ Healthy food

Anything related to foods is great idea when you are passionate! Last year in 100 startups of Pakistan, one of the most successful small startup was “Paratha-Shop” of a lady and her husband. Healthy foods stalls and startups are good business of all times. In today’s social media age, you can get fame and money by offering a few promotional offers for youth on social media!

Requirements: Passion, Skills and Social Media Marketing.   Cash Flow: Daily base 

5: Open a stall – start a barbeque business

How to work on bbq business idea
Stall for bbq

Yes, this one is seems to be the simplest but it’s not! It needs great marketing skills and innovative ideas to get into the head of our crazy youth! All you need to get famous is quality food and great social media marketing skills.

Tip: Offer free Wi-Fi at your stall, make engaging page with reviews and check-ins from youth! And then see the traffic!  Read Social media for business promotion.

Requirements: Passion and Skills and SMM. Cash Flow: Daily base 

6:  Start a Dry fruit business

Dry fruit business ideas
Image/ Dry Fruit

This business idea seems to be dry. No, it’s really a profitable idea. The prices difference between the farms and market will let you know about the profit of such a small business! Why all the Pathans at super markets pay high rents of shops of the dry fruits? Believe it or not, they earn more than 100%! The problem is, they are not educated and well-organized. So, work on their weakness and beat them in the market! Create a small online app with directions of your small dry fruits stores. Do not accumulate all the stuff at one place!

Requirements: Research and brainstorming and some experience. Cash Flow: Daily base 

7: livestock and poultry sales

livestock business ideas
Image/ Goats production

One of our team member had to visit his village last month, he came with an idea which was really not sounding good to us! Yes, he told about two things. Poultry farming business which has some risk of loss and the other one is livestock which is risk free. Both of them don’t need much upfront investment. There is huge profit in both of these ideas! Think about it and do some research on it!

Requirements: Some hard work and researches on livestock. Cash Flow: May be Not on Daily base.

8: Start a driving school, a handicrafts school …

driving school business idea
Image/ Car

Starting a learning institute for people is great idea because it has two major benefits. One is people are getting educated and the other is of course, your business plan and profits. This needs some serious marketing skills and public relation.

Requirements: High PR, Great Marketing Skills and some experience and research!

9: Uniform making business, Stationery for Schools!

uniform making business ideas and help
Image/ Uniform

We know some of young entrepreneurs who have tested these two businesses for real quick earnings. These both are profitable projects when done it medium and large scale. Once you make reputation, these are business you will never left!

Requirements: High PR, Marketing Skills and research. Cash Flow: Daily base 

10:  Concrete blocks, cement blocks Business

Concrete blocks business ideas
Image/ Concrete blocks

We’re building a new house. We have seen a lot of such small businesses without any marketing skills, business plan and customer care. We had to wait for a solid 30 minutes to get our building material loaded. This can be a great venture as the profit margin in this business is good. Resources and labor for this project is easily available.

Requirements: Business plan, Marketing Skills and PR!   Cash Flow: Daily base 
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