Risk Mangement

Risk Management is one of the most important thing in a business plan and in starting a small business for your own career. How to mange risk properly? Let’s learn in this section!

Why is there a leap day? Let’s dwell into history and Science!

Why is there a leap day? In short: Because of custom. The origins of our calendar trace back to Ancient…

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Life Changing Small Business Loans for Women. Inspiring!

Aspiring women entrepreneurs are making a huge impact on the economy by helping people get new jobs. If you are…

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What kind of Projects actually get funded?

You have an idea and a good business plan but you do not have an investment. Right! Keep reading, we…

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Types of Conflicts in Small Businesses

Fighting for money isn't worth it. But we live in a world where money matters a lot. Small business conflicts…

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Emergency Preparedness: Protect Your Home & Family

You don’t want to think about what could happen if a natural disaster or another emergency threatens your family because…

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