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Ranger Operation in Karachi Findings: MQM blamed for Unrest!

Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan has been through a difficult time since a few decades. Ranger Operation in Karachi has helped the people of the city breath again! There has been a lot of criticism on the current ruling government of PMLN who with the help of military commanders decided to operate against extremists and criminals in Karachi.

The paramilitary Rangers have promised the nation that the operation will continue till the peace in Karachi. Rangers has been very successful in their operation in Karachi since 2013. There are some political parties involved in unrest in Karachi. Ranger has been avoiding naming the political parties but due to some undeniable evidences in the recent past has made it necessary to just tell the people about those who are sabotaging the peace in Karachi.

In a statement issued recently, Rangers spokesperson, without naming anyone responsible, blamed a local political party for creating hindrances in establishing peace in Karachi.

The Statement from the Rangers reads, “In the past few days, a political party, whose leadership has been abroad, has issued controversial statements and incitement against state institutions. This has created a huge challenge and is an obstacle to peace”

MQM Reaction to Ranger Operation in Karachi

It’s clear that Rangers haven’t named anyone but let’s come to the point. MQM has found this statement very clearer and said that Ranger is against MQM. It’s really interesting to see how a political party relates ranger’s statement to their own party!  MQM said that the Rangers were acting like a political party and blaming the MQM leaders (who are abroad) for their own inefficiencies in Karachi.

In a Media News Conference, MQM Leader, Dr. Farooq Sattar said the MQM had no option but to address the media. He said that they are being pushed against the wall by these paramilitary forces.

As, the media is aware of the MQM activities in the city, the voices of Dr. Farooq Sattar and MQM are not louder and powerful enough to seek help from the establishment. Dr. Farooq Sattar requested the military leadership to talk to MQM leadership to solve the issues behind the curtains but Pakistan armed forces are serious about Peace in Pakistan. The peace is inevitable, we’ve to do it!

Note: Ranger Operation in Karachi is just for peace, we want peaceful Pakistan!

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