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What kind of Projects actually get funded?

You have an idea and a good business plan but you do not have an investment. Right! Keep reading, we are going to tell you how to raise funds for your project.

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You can actually get funded by strangers if you have a potential business idea. Why family and friends do not invest in your idea? It is simple. Just because they saw another friend whose idea failed. It’s the fear of failure.

People with no business experience have these sort of questions …

  1. I need fund for my project but from where to get it.
  2. How to raise funds for your business? How to get investors know you?
  3. Who is there to help me fund my project?

There is one simple answer! 1) You need to connect with entrepreneurs and investors through social networking websites and crowd funding websites.

What’s the best solution? 2) It is crowdfunding. But wait, what is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding to raise funds for your business!

Crowdfunding is basically funding by people who strongly believe that your idea is going to work. They are united in a community, willing to back your idea with investment and moral support. Once you get them, you are all set for the success.

Projects that actually get funded…

Let’s have a look at the ideas that are expected to get seeders and funding from investors.

#1: Clean Energy-Related Projects

We all know that the world is running short of non-renewable resources. So the ideas for energy related to renewable resources are most like to get funded.

#2: Artificial Intelligence Ideas

All the creative ideas which involve computers programs to imitate or replicate humans activity are important. Intelligent robots are the need of the time. So there is scope for AI.

#3 Autonomous Robots

Yes, anything that is helping human improve the quality of life is favorite to get funded.

#4 Virtual Reality

best place with VR

This is yet another great business idea in the modern world.

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#5: Healthcare

#6: Food and Water

#7: Transportation

#8: Internet of Things

#9: Telecommunications Ideas

#10: Financial Services

How to get funded? be careful and choose …

  • The right crowdfunding website
  • Know your audience and targets
  • Plan ahead and keep focus
  • Pitch it Perfectly!
  • Have a great plan for spending money!
  • Leverage your Social Media Networks
  • Create Milestones in the Projects
  • Tell a great story!

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