Racism in America: 50% of Saudi women in US complain of racism

If you’re against Donald Trump and his thoughts and you think he’s responsible for the recent racism in the US then you might be wrong! Donald Trump is just one of them. A shocking research conducted by Saudi female scholarship students in Michigan show that racism in america is at it’s peak! Those who say black lives matter do not really care what they actually want!

Michigan is the home to second largest Muslim and Arab community in the United States. The research conducted shows that more than 50% of the people in the States face racism. Some of them face discrimination during their studies as well! You might have heard the story of the Black Muslim Guy who made a clock and brought it to school and got arrested. He was Muslim and black that was his only mistake!

9/11 and racism in America:

After the controversial attacks on the world trade center, 9/11 conspiracy theories, racism in america has just got beyond limits. United States has been trying to cover the true face of the racists but the govt. seems to be failing in their struggle to hide it. For decades, American government and media has covered real stories of racism in america. The discrimination affecting African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans are all hidden stories, but since the Sept. 11 events, The Muslims and Arabs in America have become a top target for racists. And the government wasn’t able to hide it anymore. The whole world saw how american treated Muslims after 9/11 incident which was obviously, an internal job.

Recently, a poll of around 54 female scholarship students in Michigan about the racism in america were asked whether they had to face any direct or indirect racism in US, 27 of the respondents answered YES! Which makes it 50%. In other Words, you can say that half of the people in United States are racist. This is a fact, you cannot deny it. They simply underestimate black people and Muslims. The poll was done in Michigan but the story of the other states is the same!

One scholarship student from Chicago, Illinois said she was subjected to racism in the delivery room by a nurse at the hospital!

The Arab News survey also reported a few cases from France and Canada but the number of such cases is small as compared to US.

What’s the Solution of Racism in America?

One of the most common sentence these days is, “Terrorists have no religion.” That is true but still Muslims all over the world are blamed for terrorism just because these incidents happen in Muslim countries. We strictly believe that terrorism have no religion but terrorists do have sponsors! They are those who run the media and internet for their purposes. They are being paid to brainwash people and blackmail them. The same people are the racists as well. They want to live in peace after killing black people and Muslims in the world!

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