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Productivity Apps & 9 Bad Habits to break!

Your bad habits sabotage your productivity all the time. You just keep on thinking what actually went wrong. Yes, the bad habits make you suffer. They are creeping up on you and eventually damage you really bad. If you get alarmed earlier than the damage is done, you probably go for the productivity apps which is not the real solution.

Bad habits slow you down and the workflow and accuracy is badly disturbed. Controlling your bad habits is difficult but it has a lot of benefits. A Research from University of Minnesota on emotional intelligence shows that people who are able to remove their bad habit tend to be happier. So, you just need to focus on a few thing and you don’t really need to install productivity apps on your phone. Learn and feed a few things in your brain and you’re done!

Some bad habits cause more harm than others. The following 9 bad habits are the worst ones which cannot be removed through productivity apps or business tools that you have in order to be more productive. Let’s have a look at them. Some people think of these bad habits as their marketing tools. They know people have these common issues, they use them! (One example is Facebook!)

1: Impetuously surfing the Facebook / Internet

According to a recent research, it takes 15 minutes to focus on what you’re going to do. If your attention is distracted by Facebook notification, it will take more 15 minutes to get back your focus.

People in a flow are five times more productive than normal work.

The productivity apps alarm is itself a distraction for those businessman who are productive and manage things well but still use productivity tools. As they think these things are going to help, but the reality is that they kills your productivity and workflow.

2: Perfectionism kills productivity

Yes, according to researchers, some writers always look for perfection and instead of hours they take days to complete an article. So, we should rather focus on the productivity. Nothing in this world is ideal, right? Don’t try to be perfect but try to be imperfectly perfect! Imperfections and uniqueness are the beauties of this world!

3: Unnecessary Meetings

While in office, you should avoid extra and unnecessary meetings. Ultra-productive people know that meetings will drag on things forever. They focus on their work. So, you’re using your productivity apps for arranging meetings?

4: Trying to respond every single mail as it receives

Why would you like to respond to an email as soon as possible when you’re busy and working? What it means is that the priority is not the work but the emails! Some people waste their lot of time in just checking their mails during work hours. This is a real bad habit.

5: Hitting the Snooze button of Clock

The worst thing happens to you when you’re sleeping is the alarm clock. But wait, is it true? No, it’s wrong! If you couldn’t wake up, it means you didn’t slept well and then you hit the snooze button. This kills are the plans of the day! Productive people always follow a routine and they sleep well and work great!

6: Multi-tasking kills workflow

Some of the productive people believe that multi-tasking kills your productivity. Research conducted at Stanford University confirms that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time. So, you need to be jack of all trades but do one trade at a time!

Some people have special gift of multi-tasking, if you’re one of them, you’re cooler than others!

7: Putting of Tough tasks

When we have limited amount of present mental energy we try to avoid difficult tasks. This help us that moment but mess up all the things so bad that it takes a few days to get things back into routine. So, don’t put things off no matter how hard they’re. Just have a break, boost your energy by easting something and get back to the toughest task first!

8: Using Cellphone, laptop in bed!

Using cellphone in the bed is one of the worst thing that you can ever do! In this advanced age of technology everybody knows this is so bad but only real people are able to avoid this! Short-wavelength blue light plays an important role in your mood, energy level and sleep quality. By the evening, your brain doesn’t expect any blue light exposure and is very sensitive to it. Your productivity apps kill your sleep! When you or on the bed it means you need to relax. (Don’t be productive at bed times, just sleep well if & if you’re single. xD)

9: Eating too much sugar

You may know that glucose is known to function as ‘gas pedal’ for energy in the human brain! Let’s know about the functions of glucose

  • You need glucose for challenging tasks.
  • Shortage of glucose makes you tired and short of energy.
  • Eating too much Glucose leaves you jittery and unable to concentrate on the task!

These 9 bad habits are the ones which ruins lives these days. Productivity apps are not capable of changing these things. Removing them is a real business idea. You would be the best businessman if you can remove these bad habits. Your business tools & productivity tools are these bad habits and you have to work on them!

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