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Popular Android Apps That Could Help You In Your Business

The smart phone has become an essential material of today’s world. A majority of worlds business and economy revolve around the Smart Phone industry. People from all fields of life have to use it not only for communication but also for handling their businesses, saving their time and making things easier for themselves.

When we talk about smart phones the two major brands that came first to our mind are iPhone and Android. These two are nowadays ruling the mobile and digital industries. Both of them have their own fan following and users however according to my observations Android is somewhat used more commonly than iPhone. There are a number of reasons behind it, however; we are not going to discuss them here. We are going to highlight the benefits of Android and some popular Android apps, which can help you in your business.

Android Apps from Play Store is one of the most prominent reasons for such huge business of these devices. These Gadgets are really awesome and helpful that it is not possible for a person having a smart phone to resist them. Android also has an upper hand over iPhone because of APK Apps and Games. Android APKs are more easily available on the internet and works completely fine, where on the other side iPhone, iPads are not available that much easier on the internet and even if you find them it’s not possible to use them of tough iPhone security system.

Plus Points of Android Smart Phone and Android Apps in controlling business:

  • Group Meetings With TeamSpeak:

Teamspeak a popular android application with which you have an unlimited group chat and live video group chats directly from your phone. TeamSpeak 3 is popular because is the most secure app for having group chats. It allows you to have your own server for connecting with your clients and workers instantly. It is also popular for its high-quality video chat which allows you to have video meeting a huge number of attendees from your android device.

  • Getting Notes with Google Quick Notes:

Google Quick Notes is a popular app which allows you to take notes directly on your Android device. You can arrange your notes with in the app. It also allows you to set a reminder and to save graphs, pictures and another form of documents.

  • Keeping Eye on your industry trends.

Play Store includes a number of popular apps with can help you’re to get regular updates of different events around you. It helps you to stay informed about the trends of your industry and get detail reviews of experts regarding trends.

  • Using Google Now:

Google now is a great achievement of Google Inc. that has reduced every function to a single app/launcher. Google Now is a multiple tasker, which enables you to perform different functions with one app. It can be used as a browser, it can be used for getting breaking news, weather updates, live scores, trends and much more. With the latest update, you can now even play songs or video directly from this app using the voice search option.

  • Managing Clients With Google My Business App:

Google My Business is another great app powered by Google Inc. It allows you to keep contact data of your clients and work in one place along with other options. It can be used for saving the address, phone numbers, and location of clients.

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