Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald’s in Asia

As we all know Pokémon Go is the most popular game in today’s market, the creator of the game is looking for great partnerships in order to maximize the business. Everyone is interested in knowing about the business model of Pokémon Go. How can such a big app be ignored? Obviously, you simple cannot ignore it. When asked about the matter, Niantic chief John Hanke has said that in addition to in-app purchases, Pokémon Go game intends to create “sponsored locations for Pokémon Go” as they did with their earlier game Ingress.

Interesting to hear see that, upon the reverse engineering of Pokémon Go, Australian student, Manu Gill discovered a few odd-looking strings that he believes indicate a sponsorship system has already been included in the game’s code. And it’s expected that the creator of the game already had some deals with McDonalds.

Pokémon Go code looks like this!
Pokémon Go Sponsored Locations

Yet another engineer, who looked into the code found the McDonalds logo in the code. If the code is correct, it looks like Pokémon Go’s first sponsorship is a big one. Let’s say what happens next. When asked about the deal Niantic and Google (a major investor) did not respond in anyway.

McDonalds Logo found in Pokémon Go game library
Logo of McDonalds in game library

Who is the sponsor of Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs has Google as their major investor but they’re looking for partnership and it’s likely they will get a big deal with McDonalds.

What is the Business Model of Pokémon Go?

While looking into the code of the game, some of the data analysis’s and Engineers said that the games is going to have PokeStops or gym. The company has not yet confirmed the partnership news as they are in the negotiations. But the Core Model is “Sponsored Locations” such as restaurants and gyms.

Ads will be there on Pokémon Go!

Are you enjoying the Free Version of the game? Of course everyone is using it. Brace yourself people! The company is going for deals and you are going to see the adverts soon! What kind of ads will be there? Well, it depends on the partners but it is said that McDonalds will get them partnered!

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