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The Worst Things that make Good Employees Quit

It takes years to build a healthy working relationship between employer and their employees.

It requires trust, time and hard work from both sides. Good employees are the backbone of any business and are essential in making any company successful. So if you have started your own business and have hired some very hard working employees. You must learn some tricks and tips of how to retain your employees.
First of all, you must be aware of most annoying things managers might do, that can push your working in leaving your company.

1.  Never overwork people

One thing that managers tend to do is put more workload on employees that perform well. For the short term, this idea may be good but never make a habit of overburdening your workers.

A new research has established the fact that people tend to perform better and give productive results when their working hours remain in the limit of 50 hours per week.

If a certain employee is working particularly well and the company wishes to take more benefit from them, than a higher status or higher rank in the company should be offered to them.

2.  They don’t recognize contributions and reward good work

Managers should be aware of the performance of the employees that are working well. Words of appreciation or a pat on the back goes a long way when it comes to rewarding people.

Do not hesitate to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, this might boost their morale and keep them motivated to work well in future too.

3.  They don’t care about their employees

More than 50% of people who leave their work are due to having a bad relationship with their bosses.  Managers and employers should make some extra effort to get to know their workers on a more personalized level.

Communicate with your employees; make them feel that they have a good working relationship with you. If anyone is sick, empathize with them. If one of them is getting married, congratulate them.

4.  They don’t honor their commitments

Workers obviously look up to their managers and bosses when it comes to working habits. You should show a strong work ethic that inspires your employees.  Never make promises or commitments that you think you might not be able to fulfill. After all, no one wants to work for someone that is lies and do not live up to its words.

5.  They hire and promote wrong people

Good employees that are hard working will be more comfortable in working with like-minded people. Managers should be able to select their employees with tough standards that help inspire other employees too.
Also, worst is when an undeserving candidate gets the promotion over a more deserving worker. This might affect the morale of other employees too.  Always make fair judgment and promote the workers strictly on merit.

6.  They don’t let people pursue their passion

Another reason why employees leave that they are not given the freedom of working creatively. They are not allowed to think unorthodox and innovative ideas as managers fear that their productivity may decline. Let your workers pursue their passions, let them work with creative freedom and put some trust in them.

7.  They fail to develop people’s skills

If you want to retain your worker for a long term, let them tell you that they matter a lot. Constantly work on improving their skills and expertise. Don’t just leave them as it is, guide them throughout the way. Arrange some workshops to expand their knowledge introduce modern technologies and integrate them in your working.

8.  They fail to engage their creativity

Never just limit your employees to work inside a little box of guideline that you have provided them. Let them work creatively, this might improve their productivity but if you decide to kill their creative skills they might result being unhappy and frustrated.

9.  They fail to challenge people intellectually

Instead of giving your employees mediocre, mundane targets and goals, challenge them. Push them to achieve unattainable goals and targets. Inspire them to reach for the stars. This keeps things interesting in the workplace and also makes them grow professionally and intellectually.

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