Infopreneurs Business Ideas

22+ Brilliant Infopreneurs Business Ideas to Start

Infopreneurship is a new term coined by marketing experts to describe people who combine information technology skills with entrepreneurial spirit. They are not only techies, but also entrepreneurs.

They are the ones who create businesses around the Internet and other digital technologies.

An infopreneur is a professional who collects information from multiple sources and personal experiences and uses it to create a unique package for consumers. And although the internet has hugely simplified that process, the term itself actually predates the era of digital celebrities.

Infopreneurs are business owners who make money by selling information. They collect data about their customers through various channels and use this information to provide personalized services or products. The goal is to help people find answers to questions they didn’t even know existed. This can include anything from finding out how much your credit score really is worth to getting tips on saving money at the grocery store.

Difference between entrepreneur and infopreneur?

The difference between an entrepreneur and an infopreneur is one of focus. An entrepreneur focuses on making money while an infopreneur focuses on providing value-added content. In other words, entrepreneurs sell things; whereas infopreneurs sell knowledge.

What does an Infopreneur do?

As mentioned above, an infopreneur sells information. But not just any kind of information – he/she specializes in collecting customer feedback and using it to improve existing offerings as well as creating new ones.

For example, if you have a website where users post reviews of local restaurants, then you could become an infopreneur by offering restaurant recommendations based on user ratings. Or perhaps you want to offer free shipping when purchasing items online so you start gathering consumer opinions regarding which stores charge more than others.

The Best Infopreneurs Business Ideas

Are you interested in creating information products? Do you love writing about topics that interest you? Then you could create informational products like eBooks, audio books, and other digital content. You can sell them directly through your website or through Amazon or Apple.

Here are some of the best infopreneurs business ideas:

Online Survey Company

If you enjoy asking people questions, consider starting up an online survey service. Then ask potential participants a question such as “How often would you recommend ?” Once completed, you’ll receive valuable insights into what makes your product appealing to different groups of people. You may also get lucky enough to discover something interesting about yourself!

Customer Review Site

Another great way to gather useful information is to set up a web page where visitors can leave comments about specific companies. By doing so, you will learn a lot about your target audience’s preferences and dislikes.

Social Media Influencer

Are there certain topics that interest you but nobody else seems to care about? Consider becoming an expert on those subjects and share your thoughts with the world via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

eBook Author

If you enjoy writing eBooks, consider starting your own publishing company. You could sell books directly through online stores such as Amazon or Apple Books, or you could publish them yourself using platforms like

Export Blogger

Blogging isn’t always enough to earn a living. If you’d rather focus on something more practical, try exporting instead. By selling goods overseas, you’ll generate revenue without having to worry too much about traffic numbers.


Are you an avid fan of podcasts? Then why not set up your very own podcasting service? Podcasts are great tools for sharing information with others. They also provide a steady stream of income when listeners purchase advertising space within them.

Affiliate Marketer

Do you love shopping? Why not turn your passion into profit? Affiliate marketing involves promoting another person’s product while earning commission based on sales generated by visitors to your website. The best part is that affiliate marketers can choose which companies they wish to promote.

YouTube Personality

Have you ever watched YouTube videos and thought “I would totally watch those people live”? Well, there’s actually a way to become famous doing what you love! Just upload regular video content onto YouTube and share it with your audience. As long as you’re entertaining, viewers will come flocking.

Public Speaker

Speaking events aren’t only fun; they can also help you earn extra cash. Public speaking engagements offer flexible work schedules and minimal startup costs. Plus, you get paid per event, so you won’t have to invest any funds until you see results.

Online Course Creation Business

You don’t necessarily need a college degree to create engaging courses on topics ranging from personal finance to cooking. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs started out teaching themselves how to code before launching their first websites. Today, anyone who wants to teach others about anything can easily launch a course on or


There are plenty of ways to make money consulting. For example, you may decide to consult clients via Skype, offering advice on subjects including social media management, SEO, email marketing, and blogging. Or perhaps you prefer to meet face-to-face and give presentations at conferences and trade shows. Whatever method works best for you, remember that this type of freelance work doesn’t require prior experience.

Ghost Blogger

Starting a blog used to mean investing thousands in equipment and hiring employees. But today, all you really need is a laptop and internet access. And thanks to sites like, creating blogs is easier than ever. All you need to do now is write regularly and build relationships with other bloggers. Once you’ve built up a following, you can monetize your site by charging advertisers for ad placement.

Graphic Designer

If you enjoy designing graphics but hate the idea of spending hours learning software programs, then becoming a graphic designer might be perfect for you. You could start small by making flyers, posters, and logos for local businesses. From there, you could move on to bigger projects such as web design, branding, and even mobile app development.

Personalized Shopping Assistant

Do you love browsing Amazon? Why don’t you turn that passion into profit by setting up a shop where shoppers can buy only the items they’re interested in?

Crowdfunding Platform

Have you ever wanted to launch a startup idea but lacked the funds needed to cover its initial costs? A crowdfunding platform allows individuals to pool together resources for projects that need extra financial support.

Virtual personal Assistant

Many businesses struggle to keep track of all the tasks involved in running a successful operation. Instead of hiring someone full time to handle these duties, why not create a virtual PA program? Users pay small monthly fees to access a team of assistants who take over administrative work.

Product Comparison Engine

Did you know that most consumers spend hours researching products before buying them? This means that many retailers lose out because their competitors already have a head start. To stay competitive, you should build a tool that compares prices across multiple websites or even offers price alerts whenever a competitor drops his/her price.

Business Directory

There are plenty of ways to make money from home today. However, few of them require no upfront investment at all. One option is to list services offered by local businesses in your area. When customers find this resourceful, they will be sure to use it again.

Local Search Engine

Most cities now boast a number of popular internet portals that allow residents to look for things nearby. These sites usually include maps, lists of local shops, and other helpful features. All you need to do is collect data about each location and present it in a convenient format.

Mobile Apps Development

The mobile phone has changed our lives forever. It connects us to friends, family members, and important contacts regardless of whether we’re near a computer. Nowadays, everyone owns one and uses apps every day. So if you want to start making some serious cash, then developing a quality application might just be the ticket.

Fitness Instructor

Are you an avid runner or cyclist? If so, consider starting a fitness business. Fitness instructors charge anywhere between $10-$20 per hour depending on how much experience they have. They also offer group classes which can bring in additional income.

Workshop Host

Hosting workshops isn’t easy. In fact, it requires quite a bit of preparation. But once you get started, you may soon discover that hosting events becomes more fun than working! The key here is finding venues with enough space and equipment. Once you’ve got those covered, you’ll simply need to recruit participants and provide instructions.

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