US President Trump Impact on Business

What does ‘buy American and hire American’ actually mean? Today, Mr. Trump has told the people to make America the country of Americans and the country of the people.

Mr. Trump two simple rules …

Trump has also told the people,“Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength,”

He went on: “We will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American.”

Let’s take a pause and think! A few months back, Trump has asked Apple to manufacture Apple phones in the United States and give job to people in the US.

Will his presidency be a good fortune for business in the United States?

No, it is going to be hard. It is not that simple to make things good in a while. As we have already seen how bad President Trump could be! Let’s see how people react to his presidential Speech!

What does President Trump’s ‘buy American’ mean?

Well, as the sentence is pretty simple but there are some hidden threats and message in this line. The people in the business sector know how important that line could be. People and the end customer are also the stakeholders in any business. So, he’s targeting the roots with his logics of patriotism to make a bunch of people fool.

So, Trumps America will no longer be importing goods?

It’s clearly an alarm for the people in the Import and Export businesses! It is better to revise your business model!

But the question is how America can be great when Isolated from the world? Let’s see how things work for them. Mr. President Trump is way more optimistic about the things!

Whats more? Mr. President Trump’s New cabinet is full of veteran businessmen …

A Bunch of people such as the incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (a former ExxonMobil CEO) who seem unlikely enablers for any unilateral US measures that disrupt and damage global trade.

If you have something to add to President Trumps story, let’s us know in the comments!