30+ Profitable Handmade Business Ideas to Start

With a bit of creativity and some elbow grease, you can get started on any one of these handmade business ideas. The key is to start small, be patient and be consistent. Don’t try to do too much too soon or you’ll get overwhelmed and give up. Take your time, enjoy the process and watch your business grow!

Handmade business ideas are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. There are many reasons why people choose to start a handmade business. Some of them include:

  • They want to express themselves creatively.
  • They enjoy creating beautiful items.
  • They love the idea of being self employed.
  • They want to work with their hands.

Whatever your reason for starting a handmade business is, you will need some sort of product or service that is unique and different from what others offer. This can be anything from jewelry to clothing to art pieces. The key thing here is that it must have an element of uniqueness about it. If not then there really isn’t much point in having a handmade business!

If you do decide to go down this route make sure you know how to market yourself effectively so as to get more customers. You may also wish to consider getting help from someone who has experience in marketing products online. It’s important to remember though that if you don’t like selling things online then perhaps you should think again before going ahead.

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Where to sell handmade goods?

There are lots of ways to sell your goods but one way which seems particularly effective at present time is through eBay. With eBay you can set up your own website where you can list all your products and services. People looking for something specific can search by keyword and find exactly what they’re after. In addition, you can use PayPal to accept payments directly into your account without any fees involved.

Another great option is Etsy. Here you can create a store front site where you can display your wares and let potential buyers browse around. Once they’ve found what they want they simply click ‘buy’ and pay via PayPal. Again, no fees involved.

Another good place to look for handmade businesses is Craigslist. Many crafters post ads offering their services. These range from sewing to knitting to painting. As long as you provide quality service and produce high end results you’ll soon attract plenty of clients.

Both these sites allow members to advertise their skills and services. Members can either upload photos of their finished works or link to websites where they can show off their creations.

The Best Handmade Business Ideas:

Here are some creative ideas;

Handmade Jewelry Business

There are many types of jewelry making including beadwork, metalworking, woodcarving etc. Each type requires its own skill level and equipment. For example, if you plan to start working with beads you would probably need to invest in a few basic tools such as pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, needle threader, scissors, glue gun, etc. Before buying expensive equipment, however, try practicing using inexpensive ones first.

Craftsman Furniture Making

A craftsman furniture maker creates custom-designed furniture items made entirely by hand. They work closely with homeowners to design and build beautiful pieces that fit perfectly within the home’s décor. Some craftsmanship involves cutting intricate patterns into hardwood veneers; while others involve carving ornate designs into solid woods.

Custom Clothing Design & Sewing

Whether you enjoy designing clothes or just love to sew, creating customized garments offers endless possibilities. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress to make money selling clothing online. If you know how to put together simple outfits, then you can earn extra cash by taking orders from customers who like what they see.


The internet has opened up countless doors for photographers. It’s now possible to shoot weddings, portraits, events, landscapes, food photography, fashion shoots, product shots, anything really! And it doesn’t matter if you’re not very experienced at all because most professionals will train you along the way. All you need is a camera, a tripod, lighting kit, editing software, and lots of patience.

Interior Decorating

Home improvement projects may seem intimidating but when done right, they can add value to your house without costing much. Selling your old stuff on eBay or Craigslist can help you save money too.

Abstract Painter

An abstract painter uses oil paints to create unique paintings. These artists use different techniques to achieve various effects. Their artworks often feature bright colors and bold lines. Many abstract painters also incorporate geometric shapes into their artwork.

Wood Carver

This kind of artist carves wooden objects such as bowls, boxes, trays, clocks, figurines, sculptures, birdhouses, etc. He works mostly with softwoods. His skills include shaping, chiseling, sanding, staining, finishing, painting, engraving, and polishing.

Toiletries Maker

Do you want to open your own shop? Then why not sell homemade soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, candles, lip balms, bath salts, body scrubs, natural remedies, herbal products, essential oils, incense, potpourri, room sprays, air fresheners, etc.? With this idea, you do not even need any special training since these things can easily be found over the counter.

Greeting Card Maker

Creating greeting cards is one of those hobbies which people always wanted to pursue. But due to lack of time, resources, and knowledge, only a small number of them actually get started. However, there are still some ways through which you could turn this hobby into a business venture. One thing you should keep in mind though is that card making takes quite a bit of practice before you become good enough to charge high prices.


A dressmaker makes dresses using fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, hooks, eyes, and other accessories. She/he usually does alterations and repairs to existing clothes. Her/his job requires her to measure clients’ bodies carefully and cut out fabrics accordingly.

T-Shirt Customization Business

Are you looking for something new to start doing today? Why not try customizing t-shirts? There are many companies that offer this service. They take pictures of the customer wearing his/her favorite shirt and print designs onto blank tees. Some shirts come already printed while others require customization. Either way, you’ll end up having fun making friends with strangers.

Handbag Designer

Want to design handbags? You don’t have to go to school to learn how to make bags anymore. Nowadays, anyone who knows basic sewing skills can customize bag patterns online. Just choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates available on websites like Etsy. If you love designing purses, then selling them might just be an ideal side hustle for you.

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Custom Portrait Artist

Have you ever thought about becoming a portrait artist? It’s very easy to set up a studio nowadays. All you need is a decent camera, canvases, brushes, pencils, paintbrushes, palettes, frames, lights, mirrors, easels, chairs, tables, rugs, flowers, balloons, props, clothing, jewelry, shoes, hair styles, wigs, makeup, beauty supplies, etc.

Graphic Designer

Designing logos, flyers, brochures, book covers, packaging, social media graphics, website layouts, advertisements, marketing materials, presentations, sales sheets, product labels, catalogues, magazines, newspapers, door hangers, postcards, letterheads, invitations, menus, billboards, vehicle wraps, window displays, or anything else really isn’t too difficult if you know what it is you’re trying to create.

Hat Designer

Making hats has been around for ages but it seems like more and more people are getting interested in starting their own hat businesses. This may seem like a simple task but it doesn’t mean that you won’t face challenges along the way.

Pet Accessories Maker

Do you want to earn money by creating pet accessories such as leashes, collars, harnesses, dog beds, toys, carriers, food bowls, water dishes, grooming tools, etc.? Then why not consider turning your passion into a profitable business idea? The best part about these products is they will last long so you do not have to worry about inventory costs.

Ornament Maker

Did you know there are thousands of ways to decorate Christmas trees without spending much money at all? One great option would be to turn your hobby into a small business idea where you sell homemade ornaments to family members and friends.

Doll Clothing Designer

Creating doll clothes is one of those things that most girls dream of when they grow up. But before you get started, you should first think about whether you’d rather work alone or with other people. Working together could help save time and energy since you wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you wanted to add another item to your collection. On top of that, working with someone else means you can share ideas and resources easily.

Candy Products

Are you passionate about making candy? Well, now you can start earning extra income through this fun activity! There are many different types of candies out there ranging from gummy bears to jelly beans. So, if you enjoy baking sweets, then you definitely have something unique to offer others.

Book Binder

If you love books and find yourself always thinking about how nice it would be to make them look better than they already do, then perhaps you should try your hand at being a professional book binder. You’ll probably spend less on paper stock because you’ll only buy enough to finish projects. Plus, you don’t have to pay rent every month.

Alteration Business

Is there any kind of alteration service that you’ve never heard of? I bet there are some services that you haven’t even considered yet. Why not give them a shot? They might just become your next favorite thing.

Bead Maker

Have you ever thought about selling jewelry-making supplies online instead of going to big stores? It’s true that you can purchase beads anywhere nowadays, but who wants to go searching for them? Instead, you can simply order everything you need right away via an e-commerce platform.

Candle Business

Candles aren’t just used during holidays anymore; they’re also very useful throughout the year. Whether you use candles for relaxation purposes or to create scented home décor items, candle makers can provide you with endless options.

Stencil Artist

Want to learn more about stencil art? This type of artwork has been around for ages, but its popularity seems to be growing in recent years. People like using stencils because they allow artists to express themselves while still having their designs remain simple.

Fiber Artist

What makes fiber arts so special is that anyone can participate regardless of skill level. In fact, you don’t necessarily need artistic talent to produce beautiful pieces either. All you really need is patience and determination.

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Picture Frame Maker

Do you want to earn extra cash by creating custom picture frames? Then why not consider starting a side hustle as a frame maker? The best part is that you won’t need to invest too much capital to begin.

Scrap Booker

Does scrapbooking sound interesting to you? Maybe you’ve seen these crafty creations floating around Pinterest and Instagram lately. And may be you were wondering what exactly goes behind such creative endeavors. Now you know it takes hard work and dedication.

Cross Stitch Artist

Did you know that cross stitch isn’t actually all that difficult to master? Sure, it may take time to get good at it, but once you do, you will see results. Not only does stitching help relax people, but it can also serve as a great stress reliever when done correctly.

Embroidery Business

Are you interested in learning embroidery techniques? Perhaps you’d prefer making unique clothing rather than purchasing ready-to-wear apparel. Either way, this business idea could be perfect for you!

Scarf Maker

Who doesn’t enjoy wearing scarves? Of course, most people wear scarves out of necessity, but if you happen to possess a knack for crafting quality accessories, then you could turn this into a profitable venture.

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Handmade things are getting popular these days and many people specifically women take interest as they are at homes in eastern countries so, try new things with their hands. Now, if someone is interested in creating new things then why not take advantage of this creativity and adopt it as profession and trade. Sell new designs and conquer the market with your skills. This trade is quite lucrative because everyone wants to have unique things with them.

To sum it up, there are a number of handmade business ideas that you can pursue depending on your skillset and interests. If you have a passion for crafting, consider turning your hobby into a business. With a little bit of planning and marketing, you can build a successful business making and selling handmade goods.

Not only will you be able to make some extra money, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something you love.

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