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Recording Your Goals and Habits

I have heard a lot of entrepreneurs and motivational speakers talking about self-actualization and knowing our goals and habits. This is just because we can only improve ourselves when we know our faults and virtues. We all are different. Some of us have great ideas and other are very good at the implementation of the ideas. So, here is the idea of recording your goals and habits to improve your life.

Idea: Get a Smart Phone App and Record all Your activities 

Web applications where you choose or you create your goal or habit, and you will record your progress. You can discuss it with others who share the same goal and to support each other. Alternatively, they can be coaches, who will advise you and motivate you.

How to start working on the idea of recording your goals and habits?

You shall probably find a good smartphone application. If you don’t find one, it is very easy to develop an app. You can actually convert this idea into a business model and can earn a lot of money from the idea.

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Goals and Habits tracking apps developers are cool people

You would need.

  1. A Good Android Developer
  2. One of the best Marketing Plan to outsource your app.
  3. Creativity and Technical Support Team.

This is one cool idea. In fact, this idea was pitched in a tech. businesses meetup and I was part of the meeting. Do you have anything to add to this small business idea?

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