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Gas Leak Detector Small Business Idea

Gas leak detector manufacturing is one of the high ROI businesses in the developing countries. The business may involve the following types of detectors.

  • Gas leak detector
  • CNG leak detector
  • Propane gas leak detector
  • Combustible leak detector

Basically, they all are the same with a little difference. How to become a millionaire in 2017?

Since there is no proper gas delivery system in developing countries, every home has to rely on natural gas tanks to power their stoves, dry their clothes, fuel furnaces, gas fireplaces, gas hot water heaters and many other appliances. The problem is that most individuals and homeowners mishandle gas tanks or install them improperly, which causes many incidents that result in thousands of injuries and dozens of deaths per year. Furthermore, appliances in areas that are not properly ventilated, create additional risks to consumers because of leaks they were not able to detect. These dangers include possible gas explosions from a leak, and carbon monoxide poisoning caused by incomplete combustion from an appliance or piece of equipment. The solution to these problems, as the title indicates, is gas leak detectors, which are designed to detect even the smallest gas leaks. Many of these detectors provide intuitive, user-friendly operation and an audible alarm that indicates a leak. While gas leak detectors are life-saving devices, they’re very uncommon in developing countries, and very few household owners use them. So, with an adequate marketing strategy, we can create a business that is not only profitable but also saves lives.

How to start it?

You would need a good business proposal for starting this business of gas leak detectors. You must be one of the following,

  • An Entrepreneur who is a┬áproblem solver.
  • An angel investor who want invest
  • Successful Businessman who want to have an impact in┬áthe society.
  • A brave small business owner with entrepreneurial skills and vision.



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