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26 Best Business Ideas in India

Do you have the dream of having your own business in India? Discover what to do to make it come true!

Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur and having a profitable business can come true after you read this complete content that we have prepared for you!

Who has never had that desire to work for themselves and do what they like? Sometimes, all that is needed is a little basic help and a good dose of courage and encouragement for us to put aside fear and start making money.

And speaking of money, there is nothing better than joining the pleasant, useful, right? We will share with you some lucrative business ideas in India.

If your first concern is the initial investment, rest assured that today we are going to talk about 25 best business ideas for you in India to start with little money.

So, will you miss this opportunity?

What is a Profitable Business?

A profitable business is one that generates enough revenue to pay the fixed expenses of the enterprise, also including a percentage for future investments, and still manages to generate additional income, which is considered profit for the entrepreneur.

This means that after you pay all your business’s monthly bills, all that’s left is profit.

That is, at the end of the month, the company will add up all fixed expenses such as electricity, payment of employees, suppliers and taxes, building rent, water, telephone and investments. What is left over is considered profit.

To calculate the profitability rate of a business, divide the monthly profit by monthly invoicing and then multiply by 100.

Find out now what are the best business trends in India and find out which ones best match your profile.

Is It Possible to Start a Profitable Business in India With Little Money?

For sure! And we’ll prove it to you by bringing you 26 profitable business ideas in India with little money.

If you do not have the money for the initial investment, do not worry that it does not prevent you from chasing this dream.

Best Business Ideas in India

Read these profitable business ideas and pick one that suits your skills and investment profile:

1. Buying and Selling Used Clothes on Social Media

It is a market that is very high and, in addition to making money doing it, it also raises the sustainability banner by reusing clothes that are in perfect condition.

You can use social media to open your used clothing store. The good thing is that the investment is very low. You just need a camera phone and the internet. Start with the clothes you have at home.

You can offer your used clothes to your Instagram followers and on your Facebook profile.

You can sell your clothes as well as other people’s clothes and earn a commission for the sale.

Another way to start this business is through OLX, which is a global online commerce site where you make available what you have to sell and interested people contact you to make the purchase.

Being cocky also helps. Then, ask your friends and family for clothes and accessories that they are not wearing. Delivery to customers can be negotiated. In the beginning, the idea is to do business with people who are close to you.

You do not need to pay any fees for the website.

2. Start Renting Rooms at Your Home

Traveling is one of the favorite hobbies of human beings. The room rental market has been growing a lot and the demand for this type of accommodation as well.

If you live in a place where you receive many visitors, whether for tourism or for business, renting rooms in your home or even your apartment or the entire house is a great idea to start your venture.

If you don’t mind sharing space with strangers, room rental is a good choice. Travelers from all over the world are looking for this type of accommodation precisely because it is a cheaper option.

Use secure platforms, such as Airbnb, to disseminate information and information about the property, location and daily rate.

Interested parties contact you through the platform itself. Everything online and safely.

3. Pet Hotel

Families are increasingly being made up of members who cannot always participate in travel.

Pets are considered true members of families. Therefore, when traveling, tutors prefer to leave them in a safe environment full of love and care.

The opportunities in this market are enhanced by the sentimental appreciation and treatment of pets as a child for couples.

If you love pets, you can offer to welcome them to your home at a certain time. Just register on platforms, such as Dog Hero, and advertise your caregiver or walker services.

Opening a hotel for pets is a great idea. You can start small, using the space of your home and your patio, and, when you have more money to invest, increase the structure, and offer different services as a differential.

4. Dog Walker Business

In line with the previous idea, many dog ​​owners who live in apartments work all day and do not find enough time to walk their pets.

This service is already very famous abroad and has been gaining market share in recent years.

The interesting thing is that you can walk more than one dog at a time, allowing you to have several customers on the same day.

5. Create a Digital Product

Infoproducts business in India

Be it an online course, an e-book with complete content, an infographic of studies from different areas. Any digitally formatted content can become an infoproduct.

Do not think that this market is already saturated.

Study the problems, needs, interests and desires of the audience you want to reach and analyze what kind of material you can offer them.

Infoproducts are usually offered at a low price and the goal is to win the number of times purchased. Infoproducts are one of the best ways to make money on the internet.

Another advantage is that it is a scalable business mainly if the material is timeless.

6. Chef at Home

Gastronomy business in India

The lack of time has made people hire different services. One is the gastronomy service. If you like to cook and are good at creativity, this is one of the lucrative business ideas that will rock.

Gastronomic experiences are winning the hearts of Indians.

Build personalized menus, offer gluten and lactose-free options and publicize your work. Use social media to reach your customers. The idea is to go to the person’s house once a week and cook for the whole week, for example.

Hiring a chef at home to cook for the guests is a service that is being sought after a lot.

So if you like to cook and are good at tasty dishes, invest in this business. Make your menu, build your brand and start your business as a home chef.

7. Children’s Party Animation

Children’s parties are very elaborate and offer various types of experiences for guests.

If you like to liven up an audience and have creative ideas on how to keep children entertained and excited, this business may be for you!

Parents are always looking for news to delight guests at their children’s parties and opening a business in this area has everything to go well.

8. Create a Blog

If you really like to write and share knowledge with others through the digital world, create a blog.

There are several ways you can monetize a blog , either as selling advertising or through infoproducts or affiliation with digital producers.

It is a market that is growing and still has a lot of room for expansion.

9. Selling Products Online in an Online Store

Creating an e-commerce is the idea of ​​making money without leaving your home.

You can create your online virtual store and manage it from anywhere in the world.

Remember that you need to have a differential to stand out among the countless virtual stores that we have out there.

Invest in your brand, your differentials, and the testimonials of those who have already bought in your store.

10. Drop-Shipping

In this market, you will be the intermediary between the supplier and the final consumer.

What differs from an online store is that you have no stock, as the products are purchased as soon as the customer places an order.

You can offer a wide variety of products and have zero inventory.

A great example of those who do dropship is Amazon and AliExpress.

11. Import and Resell Products

However, if you import the products yourself and work with a lower profit margin than the big companies, you can sell many imported products and earn in the number of sales made.

It is a fast return and low investment business. If you understand import processes, don’t waste time and start this business today!

12. Start a Profitable Digital Marketing Business

Digital Marketing business in India

Digital marketing brings many benefits to companies and, today, those who do not know how to position themselves in the digital world are losing money.

If you understand this area, start a consultancy to help small and medium-sized companies to conquer the space within their market through digital marketing.

You just need in-depth knowledge and a computer to start delivering results to your customers.

13. Start a Gourmet Dessert Business

Do you know how to make desserts that elicit sighs and compliments from those who try them? So don’t waste any more money, invest in your gourmet desserts, and win over your customers!

Start small and with small dessert options and go analyzing your customers’ acceptance.

Shape your business and be a successful entrepreneur by selling your desserts.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Earn commission by selling digital products. Promote books, courses and digital products, and earn a commission for every sale.

You can do this through your blog or your social networks.

15. Fitness food

Another opportunity for those who like to be in the kitchen.

You can invent your lunch box and make deliveries to companies and homes of those who do not have time to cook but are concerned with a nutritious and healthy diet.

You can make it to order or make it available for purchase at any gym or store in your city.

16. Start Coaching Business

If you are trained or are in training to be a coach (life, executive etc), start investing in your name and your brand and start your profitable business as coaching.

You can even offer online sessions to people anywhere in the world.

Study the audience and see what is the best approach to sell your services like coaching.

17. Beauty Salon

Both the female and male audiences invest in well-being and feeling beautiful. Therefore, beauty salons are always a great option to undertake.

If you offer quality service and differentiated service, you will already be ahead of many of your competitors.

18. Maintenance and Repair of Smartphones

Thanks to the internet, you can take several quick and inexpensive courses. One is smartphone repair. With it, it is possible to start the business at your own residence.

Or, if you already know about smartphone repairs, you can start your own business in this area.

Using digital marketing, you can advertise your company without having to be in the most expensive location in your city. Promote your company on social networks and enjoy good old word of mouth marketing.

The important thing is to get the job done right so that people trust you and indicate your services.

To open this type of business, you need to do a great maintenance service and be truly honest with the customer so that he uses your services again and also recommends to friends and family.

19. Solar energy

The implementation of solar energy panels is coming with everything in India and anyone who knows how to study the economy and investment and knows how to install the plates correctly will have a lot of work demand in the coming years.

20. Hydrographic Painting

This is a novelty in the market and has few competitors.

Known as WTP which comes from English and means Water Transfer Printing is a 3D customization process in which the object is immersed in a tank with water along with the products needed for printing and when it is removed, it is already painted.

The products that can be customized are diverse: car wheel, helmet, motorcycle tank, hookah, mugs, video game controls, drones, toilet lid, and car dashboard.

21. Create Content for Companies

One of the strategies of digital marketing is content marketing or Inbound Marketing.

To use this strategy, companies need to create relevant content for the market audience where they operate.

For this, they hire the service of professional copywriters to write the content in an attractive way to convert more sales.

If you like to write and understand copywriting and SEO techniques, you can invest in this business model idea.

22. Foodtrucks

Food brings people together and food trucks make it possible to take food to where people are.

It is part of one of the trends in profitable business ideas. With it, you can take food to where people are, not limited to certain locations.

If you like to cook and like to participate in different events in different places, invest in a food truck and take your gastronomic experience into people’s lives.

Invest in a van, van or even a bicycle to sell snacks, tapioca, brigadeiros, cakes, among other delicacies. You can take your store on wheels for shows, squares, fairs, among others.

23. Virtual Reality

This technology is here to stay and if you understand strategies on how to apply virtual reality and how to technically configure this new technology in companies’ products and services, you have a wide job market.

24. Develop Applications for Smartphones

Smartphones are practically an extension of our human body.

We can have just about everything in the palm of our hands through apps.

There are many companies with amazing app ideas looking for developers to put the project into practice.

If you understand this area and are delighted to create mobile applications, start offering your services and building your brand.

25. Photo Business

The photographs eternalize moments so that they become unforgettable. If you like to translate the feeling and emotions of the moment through photography, invest in your company.

The market for birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings are in great need of this type of service.

Show that through your look you can offer quality and differentiated material to eternalize the happy moments of people and companies.

26. Aesthetics center

Both the female and male audiences invest in well-being and beauty. Therefore, the area of ​​aesthetics is always a great option to undertake. The important thing is that you offer a differentiated service.

Offer massage services, eyebrow design, skin cleaning, among other body and facial treatments. To attract customers, make attractive packages and promotions.


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Tips for Opening Your Profitable Business in India

Now that you have access to the ideas, here are the tips for starting your own business!

Do a Market Research

Start by analyzing the market in which your business will be inserted, study your competitors, see what they offer and what their differentials are.

You need to know what and how to sell. Research who is selling the same product and service as you and find out the price being asked.

See also the business opportunities you have when you see that your customer is looking for a service or product that your competitor does not yet offer.

Do market research and see where you will be stepping when undertaking in the chosen area.

Define your target audience

Whoever wants to reach everyone ends up not reaching anyone.

Therefore, define who is the target audience that you want to reach and win as a customer so that you can plan an assertive marketing strategy in your business.

At this stage, you should look at your potential customers in more detail. Who are they? Why do they need your product? How much do they earn? How to attract them?

Think About How You Will Marketing Your Business Profitably

People need to know that you exist to have the opportunity to hire your work, right? Take advantage of internet facilities and promote your work on social networks.

There are many online videos that can help you start digital and strategic marketing actions in your business.

However, remember that your profitable business needs to start off right and save on a marketer to think about how to make your business take off is not a good idea.

Study on your own, but also consider hiring someone in the field to plan the right actions for your business and your target audience.

Plan your working capital before starting the business

All profitable business ideas start with investment, even if it is low.

Put on paper what your initial fixed expenses are and see how much you will need to start your business.

It all starts with good planning. So, plan what your starting working capital will be before opening your profitable business.

Remember that you don’t need a lot of money to undertake using the 25 ideas we gave in this post.


Big business starts with small ideas, but big dreams. So, do not let the thought that you need a lot of money to open your own business freeze your dream.

Did you like our list of 26 best business ideas in India or found it useful? Do tell us in the comments section below! Also, do not forget to share our post!

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