Business ideas for housewives and moms

23 Best Small Business Ideas for Housewives

You’re probably looking for small home-based business ideas that are “easy to start” and require “a few hours of work” daily. Right? Everybody would want to make money in their spare time without having a step out.

However, just having a wish for a good business from home is not enough. The business opportunities for housewives are countless but the point is who makes it happen!

So, what is it that you need to kick-start a profitable venture right from your home in addition to a suitable startup idea? All you need is:

  • The right attitude towards your business
  • Preparedness to hard work
  • Time management skill

Based on your skill-set, you can successfully earn money from the below small business ideas that are suitable for housewives.

Business Ideas for Housewives

These are the best businesses for housewives to make money from:

1. Gift Baskets Making

The gift basket is a suitable gift for many occasions, including birthday parties, wedding anniversaries and promotion celebrations, etc. People buy and customize them to suit it to the personality of the person to whom they intend to give.

It is a nice opportunity to make some extra cash for housewives with a creative, artistic and entrepreneurial mind. Before jumping in, make sure you determine your interests, the audience potential, and the profit potential.

You won’t make many sales if you plan to sell baskets to the individual customers. This is because it is hard to market and let people know about your business when you do not have a physically located shop.

Therefore, the more suitable option for home-based basket makers is to connect with small gift shop owners and wholesale the baskets to them.

2. E-Book Writing

It is the age of the internet and many people have started reading E-books, preferring them over the printed ones. It is, therefore, a future-oriented small home-based business idea for housewives interested in writing.

Selling E-book is not a problem at all provided that you’ve taken care of the quality. So, what can you do? You can opt for any of the two options:

Set up your own website and sell your e-books online directly. You’ll have set up a carting shop or your account link. This is, however, quite simple to do.

The advantage of having your own site is that you control and manage the entire process. It is a pretty much-automated system, still, you’ll have to keep an eye to see if everything is working smoothly.

The second option is choosing 3rd party sites like Amazon. They do get commissions but they can help you make enormous sales because of their reach potential.

“Out of 89 million active American e-book readers, 38% of the e-book sales go to self-published titles,” says theBalanceSMB

3. Social Media Consultant

Social media marketing is vital for all types of businesses (whether big or small). And the changes in the digital world are so frequent that it’s hard for business owners to spare time and experience and keep themselves updated.

That’s why there is a demand for social media consultants. You won’t have to worry about location of your business, unless you become established social media marketing agency.

Initially, you might face setbacks. However, it will be all good once you have got experience and you make it part of your portfolio.

The demand for expert individuals is always out there. There will be plenty of opportunities and you could easily grow and expand your business.

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4. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the most suitable small business ideas for housewives. Tutors are needed at all levels of education, from elementary to college level and for preparation of entrance tests and interviews.

All you need is grip on your subject and a teaching method that is easy to understand.

You can opt to teach at your home, student’s home and on the internet. Unlike other small businesses, tutoring is quick and affordable to start.

In order to increase your income, you can teach more students, specialize in a specific subject and teach at higher levels.

5. Sewing at home

Many women prefer to cook, sew, make toys or produce different things as a hobby.

In particular, sewing is a skill as well as a hobby. Even a profession called sewing abroad has developed.

The reason for this is the widespread use of sewing services for women who work and cannot spare time for their homes.

If you are skilled in sewing, you can turn this ability into earnings and even improve your business by setting up your own team one day.

6. Online Course Creating

The Internet has made many things possible. It is now very easy to transfer your knowledge to others on the Internet by starting your own online courses and selling them directly or through different elearning platforrms.

7. Translation

You must be proficient in a foreign or local language and also in the English language.

The service can be provided both in the written area (documents, books) and in the oral area (simultaneous translation, for example).

And you can offer your work on freelancing platforms.

8. Daycare center

A daycare center is one of the best businesses for housewives. It would be just perfect for you if you like being around children.

Operating a daycare center allows you to spend a lot of time with your own children, taking care of other people’s children as well.

This business is a good choice for mothers and women who already have experience in caring for children.

9. Web designing

In today’s technology world, entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of having their businesses on the Internet.

In fact, running a web-based business is a trend that is here to stay, so if you have the technical knowledge and skills, you can build a career as a web designer right out of your closet.

10. Candle Making Business

Making and selling these crafts is a great way to earn good money.

If you are good at making attractive crafts, ask your children to help them create these items while easily selling them at home.

You can also venture into small-scale candle production, as candles are always in demand throughout the year.

11. Proofreading

Proofreading is one of the great business ideas for housewives with a good command of the English language and excellent typing skills.

Proofreading services are always in demand and many publishing houses prefer to outsource their proofreading functions, offering you the opportunity to earn money.

Another interesting part of this business is that it requires very low overhead and minimal equipment.

12. Home-based beauty Parlor

Who doesn’t like to take care of themselves and look good with their own appearance?

What is often lacking is the time and place to perform the treatments.

Having a safe and close space can encourage many people to take better care of their body and skin.

Cutting hair is a service that people will always need.

To enter this business, it is enough to have available space and to have the knowledge, after all taking care of other people’s hair is a responsibility.

Important tip: Try to keep a cozy and well-decorated place, as a large part of the public is female and they notice if they are feeling comfortable or not.

13. Online Data Entry

There are several websites that need people to enter data.

The work is home based, that is, performed without the need to leave the house, bringing practicality and a great way of earning for mothers, just having a computer and internet access.

14. Cooking Classes

If you are good at teaching then this business is for you.

You can start teaching cooking without any big investment from your home.

15. Freelancing

Performing freelance jobs is another great way to make money at home.

In fact, this business is very profitable, especially for those who reside outside the United States.

If you live in countries like the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, China, Pakistan, India, etc; this is an opportunity for you to earn extra income, as jobs are now shipped outside the USA.

Examples of jobs you can do online at home include writing, typing, editing, script writing, animated video production, etc.

16. Diet Instructor

Whether for genetic reasons or to maintain the diet, many people eat a restrictive diet: without dairy, sugar or gluten, for example.

Becoming a diet instructor, is a good business idea.

There are some initiatives, but none are comprehensive enough. Increasingly, people will have dietary restrictions, so it is good to look at this market.

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17. SEO Consultant

Do you know the details of search engines and have skills on platforms like Google Analytics?

Owners of many smaller companies don’t realize how much impact on search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business.

Educate business owners about the power of SEO to help turn their websites into a more SEO-friendly property.

Use your skills to show entrepreneurs how to read and use their analytics correctly and how to use keywords and structure content correctly to get the most traffic.

18. Pet Sitting Service

There is a growing demand for pet services worldwide.

If you are passionate about animals and feel comfortable being around pets, you can offer to take care of other people’s pets while they are away.

The services that you can offer alongside pet nannies are animal care, dog daycare, walking dogs and other animal-related services.

19. Blogging

The blog is a popular business for stay-at-home moms.

Just look for a niche you’re passionate about and start blogging about it.

You can earn a lot of money from ads services like Google Adsense if you are able to attract a lot of traffic.

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20. Interior Designer

The countless television programs and blogs that talk about decorating and organizing environments show that there is a lot of interest in this topic.

Assisting in carrying out minor renovations, selecting furniture and organizing cabinets and rooms are highly sought after services and can be carried out in any city with very little investment by the entrepreneur.

21. Elder Care Service

A growing population of elderly citizens represents a great opportunity for non-medical home care providers.

Your task in this business is to help older people to go through their daily lives.

Examples of services you can offer include house cleaning, transportation, diet assistance, bathing, etc.

22. Voiceover Work

Sometimes it happens that a person has an excellent voice and diction, loves to comment on films and movies, but speaking in public and generally speaking “live” is shy.

An excellent solution could be the business idea of earning money on the voice of anything – advertising videos, books, presentations, jingles and more.

You can work in the form of freelance, offering your services through sites like or by developing a site with a wide range of services.

23. Graphic Designing

This is among the small creative business ideas for housewives. Designers and people with an aptitude for the visual arts can do very well in the online market.

There is a lot of demand for creating websites and logos, editing photos, producing graphic material such as cards and pamphlets etc.

A good idea is to offer these services as an online agency or even as a freelancer.


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