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Between Scylla And Charybdis

In June 2016 Afghan cross-border firing over Pakistan’s construction of gate at Torkham border proves that topographically Pakistan is in a dilemma. Strategically our position is anguish, not salubrious. Our both sides have pythons that remain busy to make us more vulnerable. With exception to 523 km long Sino-Pak border, our foes always remain a threat to us from the remaining border. These pythons led to Dhaka fall, Peshawar School massacre, Bacha Khan University attack, and infinite other bloody incidents. Their proxies are Balochistan Liberation Army, Balochistan Republican Army, TTP, and many others. Foreign elements also facilitate outlawed gangs to strengthen them, which were ever neglected by the government of Pakistan. Like Chotu gang from Kacha area of Southern Punjab.

After March 27, 2016 Allama Iqbal Town Park blast, operation Zarb-e-Ahan started to exterminate terrorists from Punjab. Police started operation in Kacha (Riverine) area of South Punjab on April 10.

The army needs to defend the country from the borders; it is the duty of Police to stabilize the internal situation. Police is suffering from lack of funds. In 2015, 16 budget Rs. 87,513 million (USD 836 million) was allocated to Pakistan Police and India allocated more than ten times of Pakistan’s allocation on Police. India allocated INR 597,960 million (USD 8972 million). Insufficient funds in Police department can be judged from this point that when Police attacked on Chotu gang’s island as a part of Zarb-e-Ahan operation, then they didn’t have their own zodiac boats so Police hired local wooden boats from the area. Gangsters opened fire on boats and killed oarsman six police officials martyred and the failure of the mission started from that point.

After gangsters made human a shield of 24 Police personnel, Army took over the charge of operation on 16th April. At last between 19th April and 20th April night Chotu gang released hostage policemen and surrendered to Army. They were using Indian weapons against Pakistan.

Direct involvement of India for chaos in Pakistan becomes clear from this point that in Shawal operation (a part of Zarb-e-Azab) pamphlets of Psychological manuals and about war tactics printed in Hindi language, printed in Bangalore, India were recovered from Shawal valley.

This is not a new problem that foreign powers took steps against Pakistan, it can be traced back to 1947 when Afghanistan was the only country who opposed membership of Pakistan in the UNO and since then always did bogus claim of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as their region. On the other side India waged first Kashmir war against Pakistan in the same year. Personally Iran-Pakistan relations always remained good, but other countries use Iranian soil against Pakistan.

Iran was the first country who internationally recognized the sovereign status of Pakistan. National anthem of Pakistan was played for the first time on the Shah of Iran’s visit to Pakistan in 1954. Pakistan also supported Iran, in Iran-Iraq war and in recent past Iran offered natural gas to Pakistan while keeping in front Pakistan’s energy needs. But Iranian soil is used against Pakistan by other countries as on 24-03-2016 Pakistani security forces announced the apprehension of Indian spy with the name of Kulbushan Jadhav who confessed in recorded video that he was a serving Indian Naval Commander who was spying for RAW while having valid Iranian visa and connection with Chahbar. He also revealed that he was the person to lead terrorism activities in Pakistan.

Pakistan is ranked as fourth most terrorism affected country in the Global Terrorism Index with 9.07 terror rating only because of our these two neighbors. For the past eight years India remained world’s largest arm importer while buying weapons of worth 100 billion US dollar per annum and deployed two third of it against Pakistan.

Afghanistan is also using almost the same tactics as of India; Hamid Karzai’s policies were in favour of India and against Pakistan. He always hid his poor management by blaming Pakistan and said, “Pakistan is nourishing snakes on her soil.” After Hamid Karzai, we thanked God for assuming power of Ashraf Ghanni that he was felt as a sensible person, but in less than a year he started following his predecessor’s policies.

Soon after the apprehension of Indian spy, Frontier Corps captured Afghan agent working for Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) from the residential area of Chaman, Balochistan from whom explosive materials recovered. The main factor of Pak-Afghan thorny relations is misunderstanding. In the last year June Kabul parliament attack by terrorists, when Isa Khan Laghmani (a soldier of Afghan national army) after killing terrorists, he shouted that he had killed the slaves of Pakistan. After that he was declared as a hero of Afghanistan and without any investigation Afghan government started blaming Pakistan.

Actually Pakistan wants peace, which is not possible without stabilizing Afghanistan and India wants chaos in Pakistan, so they achieve their motive by using the Afghan land and by directly influencing in Pakistan. Without thinking about her benefit India takes steps only to damage Pakistan. After the announcement of CPEC India stood up against it while claiming that Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India and they will not allow passing economic corridor from there. For fulfilling their motives from the Afghan side, they have established four consulates in Afghanistan; otherwise India doesn’t need to open four consulates in a single country. With the exception of some developed countries like the United State, India has only one consulate with the embassy or only embassy in each country. The covert mission of these consulates is to charge Baloch insurgent robots, who don’t have their own minds, against Pakistan.

RAW started working with just 250 personals in 1968 now has a much stronger network that penetrating in Pakistan through Durand line and Indo-Pak border. It’s the habit of Indian government to proudly enunciate Pakistan’s loss as their triumph, even it was achieved by wrongful means. As the last year Modi said while his trip to Bangladesh that Indian fought along with Mukti Bahini for Bangladesh and the creation of Bangladesh was a dream of every Indian.

Raw agents Passport
Photo Credits: Dawn

It’s not the first time that Indian spy came to Pakistan. Its India’s favorite hobby to espionage like National Security Advisor of India Ajit Doval proudly says that he did espionage while living seven years in Pakistan. Before him, Ravindra Kaushik with pseudo Nabi Ahmed Shakir entered in Pakistan in 1975 and continued spying till 1983 when he was caught.

If a virus starts spreading from an area, then the first step should be taken to stop the virus is to isolate that area. Terrorism, espionage, and proxy war are simultaneously spreading viruses. We need to install a fence on the whole Durand line and Pak-Iran border, without leaving a single inch, because if we neglect our border area and will exterminate terrorist after entering in Pakistan, then it would be difficult to control the situation. Building of wall on international border is prohibited by international law, but is allowed to install a fence as there is on the US-Mexico border and KSA is planning to install on Saudi-Yemen border.

Afghanistan is a big opportunity which shouldn’t be neglected and is the shortest route to the energy riched Central Asia for Pakistan. While being her immediate neighbor, we are losing that opportunity. India as having her pugnacious nature is increasing her relations with Afghanistan only to deteriorate Pakistan. Pakistan needs to do more welfare work in Afghanistan to strengthen relations because it is sine qua non to stabilize the region.

Written by Jamal Abdul Nasir

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