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The benefits offered by a job are often weighed against the prospect of working for yourself and having a business of your own.  Having a small business (and extra money) to complement your job will always be useful and you have a backup in case something goes wrong. That is why it’s called small business. But before running around and hitting a wall ask yourself what are the best ideas for small business? Stay tuned.

Having your own business makes you the boss and awards the freedom to work when you want and how you want without taking orders or putting up with anybody. I am going to tell you about some of the best ideas for small business that you can pursue while working 9-5 since most of us can’t afford the luxury of leaving our jobs. Small businesses don’t become a success in a fortnight but if you keep working and remain patient you will find your way.

As a first step you need to choose the right idea because some ideas might work out for some people but you might run into trouble with those. Choosing the right idea that you are comfortable with is the best way to go. Ask yourself What I can do? What are my strength? From there figure out things you are good at and have the skills to complete.

Ask yourself these questions and choose from these ideas to work on, while you’re still working full-time.

  • Virtual Assistant: People over the internet are always looking for an individual to manage their work. If you are proud of your organizational and time management skills that can be of assistance in an office you can work from home. Virtual Assistants mostly work as an Assistant as the name suggests and carry out simple tasks. You can even get paid on an hourly basis to suit your availability. This is also a good way to get to know people and build a network for yourself. You can check such opportunities at Upwork, Freelancer or other freelance platforms.
  • Graphic Design Have the vision and creativity to create art? Great! Become a Graphic Designer. Graphic Designers are always in demand and you do not need to have a formal degree to learn the trade. Have a creative mind and get started with Photoshop or Illustrator. You can get paid by designing websites, logos, business cards and vector graphics etc. You can work on fiverr, 99designs and freelancer.
  • Commission-Only Sales
    Communicate and Negotiate. Become a Salesperson who earns a commission on every sales made. Other startups and business that are just getting started hire people on a part-time basis. You can market and sell the product by working at home. This is also another great way to build links with other people which results in more opportunities.
  • Mobile phone Case Selling
    People love to accessorize their mobile phones and you can take advantage of that by providing the service and having a healthy business for yourself. You don’t need to have a store to sell these. Most of these accessories are sold through an online store which requires zero investment. You can sell them on Amazon or Etsy as well.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    If you have a good following on social media and drive a lot of traffic on your website you can become an Affiliate Marketer. You will get paid to market products of different brands through social media or your website. Maybe putting all those hours in Facebook was worth it after all!
  • Online Tutor
    You will be amazed by the rewards this profession pays. We all have been a student and most of us still are and you can probably guess that people have hard time understanding subjects and concepts. Never thought that algebra and calculus might come in handy? Well start  thinking right away. If you have an expertise and a good understanding of a subject you can teach others. People in the foreign countries are paying a hefty sum by the hour to tutors. Education will never go out of business so take the mantle and teach them kids!
  • Work as a Social Media Manager
    Are you an experienced social media user and have managed a lot of followers previously? If the answer is yes then you are in for a treat. As a Social Media Manager your responsibilities will include updating posts, uploading picture and regulating the comments made by people. Social Media is the boom nowadays and every brand is looking for personnel to manage their social media.
  • Adventure Clubs
    If you love traveling and have traveled around on a lot of adventures why not tell others and make some money. The Adventure Clubs and Traveling agencies are popping day by day since there is a lot of demand for them.
  • Business Consultant – Helping others Invest Money
    If you have skills to analyze a business then provide your consulting services to others who are just starting out. Advise them on the dos and don’ts and help them to invest their money to rake in maximum profits. You get paid and make a lot of friends making your network better and stronger.
  • Tee Shirt Designing
    One of the easiest. Just have a creative mind and pay attention to the current trends in fashion and style. You can sell these through an online stores. If you have trouble getting them printed yourself you can always submit your design on teespring and they will take care of everything from production to delivery.
  • Become a writer
    If you can convey your message through your words you can become a writer. You can write articles or blog posts. A lot of companies and freelance marketplaces pay for content writers or ghost writer. This is a good way to establish yourself as this field has a lot of growth opportunities.
  • Event Management
    If you know how to throw a party then become an event planner. Here you get to socialize with the rich and the powerful. Plan an event that people can enjoy and remember and you will automatically be booming with more offers. You can plan parties, business functions or even wedding ceremonies! Make their day a special one and you get a good sum of money once you complete the project.
  • Stock Photography
    If you like to take photos of beautiful landscapes you can sell these photos online for money. Shutterstock is one such platform. Photographers nowadays charge a lot and you can even shoot at parties or events.
  • Become a Programmer
    If you have good programming skills then you will never be out of opportunities. You can become a web developer, android developer or windows software developer. You can work from home on projects.In the end the best ideas for small business are not usually the required ones. Choose what is right for you and what you are capable of! Make the best out of what you have and do wonders.