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Do you know about Bab-i-Pakistan at Torkham?

Pakistan Army is leading these constructions, FWO is working.

Frontier Post Peshawar Desk: The newly constructed gate at Torkham (Pakistan & Afghanistan boarder) is named as BAB-I-PAKISTAN.  This new gate at Torkham is one of the busiest boarder gate known for trade, US and NATO Supply to Afghanistan. Recently, there has been clashes between the two countries but Pakistan armed very quick and severe response to the Afghan military made them flee.

BaB-I-Pakistan is made inside the boarder in Pakistan Area.

The flag hoisting ceremony on the Pakistani side at Bab-i-Pakistan has commenced on Thursday, July 28, 2016. The crossing terminal of the gate is named after the martyred major of Pakistan, Major Ali Jawad Khan, who embraced Shahadah (Martyrdom) while fighting against Afghanistan security forces in skirmishes last month.

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When did the construction on Bab-i-Pakistan Started?

The construction started in 2014, but Afghanistan reservation over the issue was causing delays but after minor clashes and fires (which left four dead at both sides, including a Pakistani Major, Ali Jawad Khan) Pakistan army got serious about the gate and Afghan culprit government realized that they’re being suppressed heavily and they kept quiet.

Bab-i-Pakistan gate is at Torkham (Boarder between Pakistan and Afghanistan)
Image/ Bab-I-Pakistan gate at Tormkham / The construction has been completed.

According to sources, at least 10 border flag meetings have been held between local commanders since 2015 for resolving the matter of Bab-i-Pakistan, in addition to several other interactions at higher level between the two countries. Finally, the gate has been completed. Pakistan has changed it’s soft policy regarding the Afghanis movement across the boarder as we know that a few major bombing and terrorists attacks were planned and carried out by Afghanis.

More gates like bab-i-Pakistan to be constructed …

Pakistan army has plans to construct gates like this one on all major crossing points on Pak-Afghan boarder. There are six crossing points on which gates will be constructed. This is what people of Pakistan want. Recently, due to Afghanistan bad policies, hatred for Afghan refugees has raised to it’s peak since 2001!

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