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Arab Investors Impact on U.S. Business

The United Arab Emirates was the US’  largest business and trade partner in the Middle East in the year of 2014, (Shortly after Arab Springs? Yeah!) with 25 billion dollars in bilateral trade, according to the official data from the United States and UAE Business Council’s Online. Arab Investors have been found interested in the west in the past.

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Another Middle East Trade Tycoon, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund set up an office in New York and they had planned to invest 35 billion dollars in the US.

This is just a glimpse. Most of the Saudi kings and travelers love to visit the United States of America. But some people say that

Arab investors largely avoid U.S.

So, far we can clearly say that Arab investors have a positive impact on the trade in the US.

Economic Impact of Muslims Ban from the U.S:

Well, this is pretty much obvious that Kings didn’t like the new president of the US, Mr. Donald J. Trump. The Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal called Mr. Donald Trump a disgrace. Here is the tweet.

But shortly after the Trumps’ win, the king congratulated him. The world is not looking at the US as the superpower after the recent past few incidents. The business tycoons and entrepreneurs have already started shifting to the South Asia. Maybe this is a result of the political changes in the US.

Although, Mr. President has had good plans to make America great again. But they have been very busy in banning Muslims whereas their courts have trashed their orders. This shows how weak the country is!

The Future: Arab Investors not Interested in the US anymore.

The reason for the change in their interests is obvious. They are kings and they don’t deal with people with Trump mentality, claimed a UAE local newspaper.

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