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One of the most asked question is why advertising for small business ideas is so important. There are a lot reasons and we are going to focus on these things today. We would like to share our experience with you.

One of our co-founder started a small business, he did not want to advertise for it. I convinced him to try advertising for at least a week. We made beautiful display and cover images for the social media pages and started a campaign on my expenses as the co-founder was not going to spend a penny!  We are going to tell you the details of that one week advertising!

Here is what we’ve learned from the advertising over internet and especially on Facebook!

Benefits of advertising for Small Business Ideas:

  1. You’re getting strong social signals from Facebook , the 2nd most visited website.
  2. By Social media you are reaching out your potential customers through targeted advertising
  3. You can easily make a brand through your Facebook Fan Page as it increases trust flow.
  4. By Offering Promotional offers, you can boost your sale.
  5. The A/B testing facility is also there, the adverts are more flexible than ad-wards.
  6. Video marketing and promotions is the extensively used on Facebook.

What are you losing when not advertising for Small Business Ideas …

As we’ve started the benefits in a listed form, let’s know the disadvantages of not advertising for small business ideas on social media and Facebook.

  1. You are not in the competition!
  2. The business owner who has copied your products is selling more than you sell.
  3. You’re far away from your customers just because you’re not reaching them.
  4. Your customers don’t know about your products.
  5. Depression, Tension will be there when sales are decreasing while advertising boost things.
  6. You get the instant results through adverts which gives you satisfaction, you’re not getting it!

What resources are needed while advertising for Small Business Ideas …

  1. A few dollars a Credit Card or PayPal (we suggest to try for $20) by using two per day!
  2. Very Good Display and cover images which are attractive and trending.
  3. Daily life psychology to target people while keeping in mind their weakness.
  4.  Some Video Editing and Video making skills.
  5. Graphics Design Skills
  6. General Awareness on how advertising works on Facebook.

How to Monitor Insights …

You need to keep an eye on the insights of Your Fan Page, do these things.

  1. Update your status daily for fans with some motivation and inspiration.
  2. Monitor how they react.
  3. Engage with them and respond to the messages instantly.

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