open your business 24/7 to get more money!

In today’s digital world, there’s no such thing as business hours because a business cannot be actually “shut” anymore. Your customers and your prospective customers anticipate access to you 24/7., although that’s not to say your real office space doesn’t shut down. Whether that comes in the kind of finding information on your own website, appointment, and interaction on and with your media stations that are social or leaving a review on a third party site, your business is constantly “open.” You can never quit paying attention.

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Using the technology available now, it’s easier than ever to do this. The appearance of 24/7 availability communicates to they’re your number one priority. Here are some tenets of 24/7-style service:

The capacity to speak in the least times

Offering communication channels open with your business at all hours is essential. This means having an internet presence that is current with readily accessible contact information, and a support team.

If your product is being used by customers, they must have the ability to ask for and get help; it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Even when it’s only an automated response that tells them your service and support hours, and supplies links to interim solutions that are possible, that’s better than leaving those in the dark, not understanding when they’ll receive a reply. For, the ones that are best let users know just how much wait time to anticipate and where they’ve been in the support queue. That’s how you reveal your customer you’re there; you recognize they have a need and you’re going to address it when you possibly can.

After creating a purchase, clients tend to be more inclined to engage within 90 days from the purchase. What this means is you need to assume control of your client onboarding process and supply proactive offers and multiple communication touch points of support. You often see great examples of this style of comfort and service from e-commerce merchants: They quickly follow up with a thank-you e-mail and direct links to support and contact information. In the bare minimum, you must touch base each quarter. Additionally, understand it’s crucial to personalize this communicating. While you may send the same message to all new customers, put the customer’s name in the e-mail. Studies reveal that personalized emails are somewhat prone to drive actions.

Paying attention to your own customers’ needs

Paying attention to what your clients are doing on social media, within their companies as well as in their successes — particularly as it regards making use of your product — is essential to better understanding supply, even more, value to your existing consumer base and the best way to serve future customers.

This observation also involves understanding how events and current trends can impact your customer’s relationship with you, your product/service and the results they could achieve by working with you. For example, if a payroll solution is sold by you and learn about a brand new bill which could affect payroll is processed, tell your visitors and control the narrative. State the facts, inform them you’re tracking the situation and supply the data needed to make your customers feel they’re in the right hands.

When you’re able to provide a value to your own customer above and beyond your product, you’ve provided accurate 24/7 service. And taken the next step in the client relationship.